On the day after my first ever vertigo attack, it looks like I am gonna survive (WHEW). I still feel a little funny and light headed, but the doctors have diagnosed my situation as benign vertigo- nothing too serious. Good to know, because when that sh*t hit me yesterday it was scary, to say the least. And I don’t scare easy.
Anyway, I’m gonna make it short and sweet today. Today’s audio will be a couple of the remixes I had up on that World Of Beats V.2 blog back in ’05… I know those damn Yousendit links didn’t last long and few people got to download them. So this time I’m Z-Sharing them so that they’ll last, like, forever ever. De La Soul “Stakes Is High” and The Pharcyde “Runnin'”, both redone by A Producer Called Soulman… two of my better loved unreleased remixes from that mid 90’s (a.k.a. the last days of Real Schitt relevance) era.


DE LA SOUL “Stakes Is High (Soulman Remix) RE-UPPED”: http://www.zshare.net/audio/572556956acaa7ae/

THE PHARCYDE “Runnin (Soulman Remix) RE-UPPED”: http://www.zshare.net/audio/57255814d52f940b/


  1. Thanks for Postin’ these Philly Phill, I missed ’em on the old blog.Peaz…Dustism 🙂

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