When I dropped the SOULMAN “Neva Stop Diggin'” cd back in 2001, I decided to also drop a special bonus cd to go along with it, SOULMAN “2001 Spaced Oddities”. This was a promo-only item, given away free ONLY to the people who bought all of the cds I had for sale at the time… a reward for supporting the Soul. Since I made a point of playing a lot of relatively common records on “Neva Stop…”, I also wanted to make a point of playing some stuff that was a little more off the beaten path on this bonus cd. Now mind you, this was 2001… we hadn’t yet gotten to the point where we’re at now, where everybody and they moms has access to info on damn near every record known to man on various internet forums and websites… where you can freely download all types of rarities straight off of blogs or file-sharing clients… where there aren’t many people who gave a damn about those old rules of knowing a lot of beats but saying no names…. where you basically have to find private press records on other planets to impress the record collecting illuminati. The game done changed.
So in 2007 I don’t know if dudes will find these selections to be all that spaced or odd… I wouldn’t be surprised if 15 year old crate-diggin’ Chad not only knows all of these songs but can tell you the year, catalog number, run-out groove info and who played the tamborine on each track. Don’t nuthin’ surprise me no more about this schitt, son!
Personally, this one of my favorite mixes (I rank it only behind “Drugs” in the Soulman beat mix catalog)… short, sweet and to the point. I had a lot of fun just playing some different types of things, rockin’ the breaks as well as just some crazy stuff here and there. I’m just gonna give you track one of this two-parter for now (we’ll call it “side A”… there actually were some tapes made for this, too)… stick around with this blog for a minute and I’ll eventually post the 2nd part as well (I’ll also explain why this joint is “that Realistic Schitt” as well, for those who ain’t already hip).
BTW, I thought I was being reeeeeal clever with the “2001 Spaced Oddities” title… with all the crate digging I’ve done over the years and as much as I love my AM Gold, I was totally unaware that David Bowie had already used “Spaced Oddities” many years previous. Guess I musta been skipping over the Bowie crates all those years…





  1. Word man i feel what your saying, it’s so ez now to get joints.You try to hold on to joints just to find out that some kat got it off the internet 6 months ago.E-Dig’n killing the game since 2001.BTW Great site man! keep bang’n1

  2. yup… diggin’s dead just like hip hop. killed off by the usual suspects. internet, ebay, suckers worldwide. this blog is the truth tho… peace to da soulman for keepin it alive (THAT REAL SHIT that is)

  3. hi there… just discovered your blog today and i’m really feelin’ that grandmaster caz/fantastic five…i also added a link on my blog, would be great if you would do the same… keep it up… mike

  4. I just found your blog from a shout on fleamarket funk.I enjoy your writing and I am now grooving to your Spaced Oddities mix.I will be adding you to the blogroll. Stay cool.rb

  5. Wow, i got this tape off you with some others way back then.. was that 2001? wow, time flies. I am gonna dig this out tonight. Peace to you and yours..

  6. great mix, all the way through.
    i agree the internet has made shopping easier and taken the work out of crate digging…but could it help hip hop rather than kill it? i thought the easy availability of home recording studios back in the 80’s contributed to hip-hops take off.

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