Another one from my unreleased “LOST” hip hop mix… Leaders Of The New School was one of my favorite groups of the early 90s with their nouveau Cold Crush stylings, and they were east coast stomping their way to the upper tier of the rap world with their debut album “A Future Without A Past”, followed by an epic appearance on A Tribe Called Quest‘s “Scenario”. Everybody was slobbering as they waited for the second LONS album to drop, but the drool quickly dried up when “T.I.M.E. (The Inner Mind’s Eye)” thudded in 1993. The debut single “What’s Next” was chill (aided by a nice Large Professor remix) and there were a couple of other cool songs on the LP (“Classic Material” was my schitt), but overall? BRICK. Sounded to me they tried to get waaaaaay too cerebral and deep with the schitt instead of just ROCKIN’, which is what LONS did best. Next thing you know Charlie Brown is beefin’ with Bussa Bus, errrbody whisperin’ in Busta’s ear that he’s the real star of the group and the other cats are dead weight… Busta starts doing what at last count was 3,565 cameos on other rappers’ remixes, then goes on to construct a huge plainum-plus career as a soloist, and… no more LONS. Sad, because I really likeded that group and wish they could’ve done more.. umm… classic material.
In between the 1st & 2nd albums, though, they did drop a gem on the “Strictly Business” OST that went largely unnoticed… I never heard this schitt get any play back when it first came out. This is actually one of my favorite Leaders cuts… totally adheres to the original format set forth by the Bomb Squad, Chuck D & them (they’re the ones who put these Long Island teens together and made them a group, for those who aren’t familiar). And I STILL say C. Boogie Brown was the man!


  1. this blog is amazing.good looking out man.holy fuck.this makes my week.-pip

  2. Anyone got the Large Pro remix of What’s Next? I need that shit.

  3. Hey phil, you know actually at that time charlie was the “hot ” one in the group and he’s the one who had people in his ear, he had already started recording “solo” joints while the group was doing promo for that last album…Q-tip had to talk busta into being solo after the breakup of L.O.N.S

  4. what up MCB… i’m not gonna try to act like i’m the authority on what went on with LONS back in those days, but all the word I was getting back then was that Busta was the dude… really, i had to damn near argue with fools about how nice C. Brown was because errrbody was all “BustaBustaBustaBusta”… I think if it was really all about Brown then he would’ve been the one to go on to make his mark solo, yknawhumsayn? You might know some insideinside stuff I wasn’t aware of, though. Saul goode!BTW, your blog is wild hot, son! I gotta be careful with what direction I take THAT REAL SCHITT before it looks like I’m bitin’ the MCB format… can’t do that. Dope schitt though, m’man. PEACE OUT

  5. oh, btw milk crate… LINK ME UP holmes! us keep-it-realers gotta stick together… power in numbers, you know how that go.

  6. As a member of the New School Society, let me correct Milk Crate. Tip talked to Busta BEFORE they broke off. In fact, the contract was signed before the last album was complete. I can’t remember the A&R at Elektra at the time, but he also convinced Busta with money. I can’t front, he dropped some hot singles and had a good image. Dude is a “rockstar”. The only bad taste is the fact he left us all behind. He also said fucked up shit about Brown. Even dissed his Mom. Being close to the crew, I watched Bus spend a lot of time at that house. I guess it’s all shit kids do. I miss dudes. LONS was so HOT. I am proud to have produced songs as well as their show music!

  7. yo dread in NY… thanks for validating what I was saying about the whole Busta / LONS split. like i said, I don’t really know the inside story, all i know is what headz were saying back at that time. Good to hear somebody who was actually down with the Leaders speak on the subject. (and BTW, if you have any unreleased LONS demos or housetapes you can share feel free to holla at ya boy… i got $$$.)

  8. This is a good post, but I don’t like you talking shit about T.I.M.E. Most heads I know today feel that was the best LONS album. Who cares if it was slept on? Shit was a classic. I really don’t give a fuck about how it did on the charts, that album was way ahead of its time. The depth and cerebralness of it was welcomed and it banged too with some very originally constructed beats.To that dude from the New School Society: Were LONS and the Rumpletilzkins the only groups from the crew who got released on wax? Just curious, because I’d definitely hunt down more from you guys. I know this reply is 2 years late, but oh well.

  9. Well, J-Syxx, everybody’s entitled to their opinion and I definitely feel what you’re saying about the depth, creativity and the next-level-ness of that T.I.M.E. lp. For me, though, I just didn’t see LONS as a cerebral, deep thought kind of a group. I saw them as PARTY ROCKERS straight from the Cold Crush Brothers’ cloth. But that may just be me because I’m old enough to know about the CC4 and recognize how they strongly influenced a lot of what the Leaders were doing. You may be more of a 90’s hip hop dude, so maybe you appreciate that underground super cerebral spark a L and go to another dimension rap that became in fashion in the 90’s a little more than I do- I’m not knocking all of that schitt, but me personally I’m just more into some raw dog punch you in the face LQ glory days hip hop, nahmean? That’s just me. Saul goode, my man… I need to revisit that T.I.M.E. album, I might get into it a little more now in 2009.

  10. J-Syxx sorry I am late. Saltine of the krackerjacks was released too. Damn, been a minute, I can't recall the label. I wanna say Def American, but I feel that is wrong. He appears on both albums

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