I’ve been extra hip hop with almost all my posts here on the THAT REAL SCHITT blog thus far… that’s a good thing, but I don’t want to forget about my beat diggin’ / record collecting side either. So the joint of the day will be this ill little slab of vinyl out of I guess Sweden (I don’t pay much attention to details when it comes to this record schitt) on the EMI-Odeon label- “Did You Give The World Some Love Today Baby” by Doris. Doris Svensson to be exact. I guess I could be a good journalist and give you a full bio and backstory on good ol’ Dor… I could if I was at all interested, but I’m not. Being a journalist is too much like work- if doing this blog becomes work I am not gonna be doing it for long. So let’s keep it fun. If you’re really interested in knowing more about Doris’ life story and how many goats she has in her barn, you can try checking here… there actually may be no valid goat information, but you probably will find something about the lady that’ll be of use to you. Good luck and happy reading.
What I WILL say about Doris and her popsikeable album is that I found out about her and it in the early to mid 90s. Legendary record dealer Boston Bob Gibson had this dope series of tapes with all kinds of rare records I had never heard before (I’ll do a post on those tapes too one of these days, fo’ sho), and the song “You Never Come Closer” was on one of the later volumes. Out of all the rare ass breaks and grooves on Bob’s tapes, the Doris song just stood out for some reason. I guess it’s just my kind of schitt… real haunting, moody sounds with a soft female vocal. Nice. I dig a few other cuts on the full length as well.
So I’m letting y’all peep out the song “You Never Come Closer” and if you dig that you can get jiggy with it and download the whole freakin’ album I uploaded for you- I’m cool like that. Plus I think this schitt has been reissued too (y’all dudes just have it SOOOO easy these days, you don’t even know), so y’all vinyl hounds out there can probably get your wax on as well if you so choose.

DORIS – You Never Come Closer RE-UPPED

DORIS – Did You Give The World Some Love Today Baby LP RE-UPPED



  1. yo i heard this Doris Joint “you never come closer” back in 2000. One of those dope songs you can’t even fuck with on the sample tip. It stands alone as just a wicked track.

  2. Platimun grey dust.Holy quasars!! Phill f’in’ Most fireside chat!! This schitt is too much. Too much.

  3. Wow, this brings back some dusty late-90s record-hunting memories. Thanks for posting the whole album.

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