Since these unreleased Soulman remixes of yesteryear seem to be pretty well-recieved so far, let’s keep ’em coming. I did all of these joints in the crib, most of them just homemade demos where I’m scratchin’ in acapellas over my own beats bangin’ straight out of the S-950. Later, after making a little bit of noise with the remixes, labels started giving me DATS with various acapellas on them (which were REALLY hard to deal with in that pre-Pro Tools era since I had a very basic, low-tech set up that was great for grimey REAL SCHITT music but probably not up to par for producing commercial quality stuff that was gonna make labels throw big $$$ at you… I still did my thing and kept them schitts on the beat, though!). What really used to irk me back then was when a label would get me to do a remix, then would shelf it and go with some OTHER schitt that was not even bangin’ on any level! Okay, my schitt is too raw and underground and you’re going with something that’s more polished and is gonna be a big radio hit- I can understand that. But to get passed over for some blah-ass schitt that ain’t NOBODY gonna be pumpin’? SMH all day.
I got a bunch of these 90’s remixes on cassettes buried somewhere in my tape boxes… some I’ve already ripped to MP3, a lot of them I have no idea where they’re at. As I come across them I’ll throw them up for your perusal- why the hell not, long as folks are appreciating the lost sounds. And BTW, I hope I can inspire some of y’all big name artists and producers out there to unearth some of your unreleased schitt that’s just laying around gathering dust- either release that schitt commercially or throw it out here on the internet. There are a LOT of people who want to hear that stuff, believe me.
What I’m hittin’ y’all with this time is two different versions of Onyx‘s “Shiftee”, a mellow cool-out joint and also a harder hitting “Fat Rat” remix. More to come…

ONYX – Shiftee (Soulman Fat Rat Remix) RE-UPPED

ONYX – Shiftee (Soulman Mellow Remix) REUPPED


  1. Hey Phill MC!Shiftee is my favorite track from the Bacdafucup LP, I heard it the first time in the World Industries Skate Video called New World Order, Kareem Campbells Part! Nice One!Both remixes are nice, but I prefer the mellow one a little bit!Just another 1st class post!Peace & Thanks!

  2. Real Most schitts on the daily.This is great!!And you were ~consulting~ with those labels. Believe me they considered and studied all your input. Too raw? Naw. Those remixes are finished product. They only wanted your knowledge. They paid for your knowledge. I heard it in your mixes and on my radio today. You were in there!!

  3. Word up… thanks for the props, anonymous one. Unfortunately, that’s been the story of my life. I come bearing gifts and what do I get in return? Smallpox blankets. It’s all smooth, though… i do whatever i do out of a sincere love for the music and the culture anyway, not for any monetary gain or household name fame (REAL TALK, believe it or don’t). Not that I’d turn any of that schitt down if the hip hop angels ever decided to smile on my azz! lolol

  4. For me they are also finished products and just on point!For example, take your If I ruled The World Remix, for me it sounds like a remix from the 12″, also the Stakes Is High Remix, like it better than the original!Keep on doing your think because what comes out at the end is just the Real Schitt to me!PEACE

  5. Sorry, I forgot about the Eric B. & Rakim Remix, it´s an absolute BOMB!!!Please keep these Top Notch remixes coming!

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