When I dropped the SOULMAN “Neva Stop Diggin'” cd back in 2001, I decided to also drop a special bonus cd to go along with it, SOULMAN “2001 Spaced Oddities”. This was a promo-only item, given away free ONLY to the people who bought all of the cds I had for sale at the time… a reward for supporting the Soul. Since I made a point of playing a lot of relatively common records on “Neva Stop…”, I also wanted to make a point of playing some stuff that was a little more off the beaten path on this bonus cd. Now mind you, this was 2001… we hadn’t yet gotten to the point where we’re at now, where everybody and they moms has access to info on damn near every record known to man on various internet forums and websites… where you can freely download all types of rarities straight off of blogs or file-sharing clients… where there aren’t many people who gave a damn about those old rules of knowing a lot of beats but saying no names…. where you basically have to find private press records on other planets to impress the record collecting illuminati. The game done changed.
So in 2007 I don’t know if dudes will find these selections to be all that spaced or odd… I wouldn’t be surprised if 15 year old crate-diggin’ Chad not only knows all of these songs but can tell you the year, catalog number, run-out groove info and who played the tamborine on each track. Don’t nuthin’ surprise me no more about this schitt, son!
Personally, this one of my favorite mixes (I rank it only behind “Drugs” in the Soulman beat mix catalog)… short, sweet and to the point. I had a lot of fun just playing some different types of things, rockin’ the breaks as well as just some crazy stuff here and there. I’m just gonna give you track one of this two-parter for now (we’ll call it “side A”… there actually were some tapes made for this, too)… stick around with this blog for a minute and I’ll eventually post the 2nd part as well (I’ll also explain why this joint is “that Realistic Schitt” as well, for those who ain’t already hip).
BTW, I thought I was being reeeeeal clever with the “2001 Spaced Oddities” title… with all the crate digging I’ve done over the years and as much as I love my AM Gold, I was totally unaware that David Bowie had already used “Spaced Oddities” many years previous. Guess I musta been skipping over the Bowie crates all those years…





Surprise… I know y’all all probably thought THAT REAL SCHITT was only gonna be about a whole lot of ancient ass rap stuff or old ass soul / funk / breaks / etc. Well basically that WOULD be a correct assumption. But not necessarily. If I deem it to be THAT REAL SCHITT it could be something that came out tomorrow. Ya never really know. And today’s blog entry, although it is indeed another blast from the past, is not nearly as old as most of what you will be seeing around these parts. We’re talking just five years ago, almost to the day… Cosmic Kev, world reknowned Philly deejay, did his Come Up Show, a weekly late night mixshow out here on Power 99, and rocked a gang of beef songs back-to-back-to-back. Some of you may remember that 2002 was the YEAR of rap beefs, especially it seemed once the summer started heating up… KRS was going at Nelly, 50 still had his thing with Ja and whoever else, Nas had just ethered Jay-Z at this point, Jada and Beans were at each others throats, I think Eminem had been scrappin’ with various dudes, damn near EVERYBODY wanted a piece of The Roc. Truly some WWE free-for-all schitt was a-poppin’. Bets were being taken on who would be the next rapper to meet an untimely ending.
For the most part, I think all this modern day battle schitt is kinda corny (real mc battles to me are like when Busy Bee went rhyme for rhyme with Little Rodney C in the movie Wildstyle, but that’s just me and my old azz). I honestly don’t even know how much of it is even real and how much is just fabricated to get some attention. I got schooled by some big music industry people waaay back in the day (when I was doing my Baritone Tiplove project, btw) on how all this showbiz controversy schitt really works, unbeknownst to the public. I think people today have seen so much of this mess, from rapper run-ins with the law to Britney Spears and all those other hollyweirdos, that they know that much of it is a bunch of concocted bulllllllschitt. But I’m tellin’ you, I used to try to hip people to the fact that a lot of these scandals are just the product of a publicist’s vivid imagination and fools did not want to hear it! So who am I to try to yank them out of their ignorant bliss… fans will be fans (or stans), after all.
Anyway, I’m gettin’ off track here. I actually enjoyed quite a bit of that 2002 rap beefin’ for some odd reason. Some of it was just so bizarre. The KRS – Nelly donnybrook being the oddest of them all. If you even paid any attention to it, you just scratched your head and said “why?” Then there was the bitter Jaz-O taking shots at his former sidekick Jay-Z and the rest of the Roc, and even though there might have been about five or more disses and retaliations, I don’t think many people knew about it and almost none of those who knew about it cared about it (which is too bad, because I think Jaz-O spit some nice schitt at Hov and his henchmen).

Out of all the disses that flew around in 2002, my personal favorite was that Philly bol Beans goin’ reeeeeal hard at Nas and Jada over the G Dep “Special Delivery” beat. Now, even though I know some folks around Beanie’s old way in South Philly (19th & Sigel… what up Jazz!) and I always respected the skills, I never was a big fan of Beans’ records. I guess ‘cuz I know that Mac Mittens is at his BEST when he’s unrestrained by song structure. And the bol is most definitely let out of his cage on this freestyle which primarily targets Nas (even taking a shot at his moms, who I believe had just died or was near death…. foul, but I guess all is fair in love and rap beef) but also gets at Jada, who he’d already been sparring with for awhile. “Do the math, you get it later / I’ll do ya ass, prolly get it later / I don’t look that far in the future / I dwell on the present and past / and handle drama when it come in my path / I’m like Osama on the president’s ass / you Illmatic? got the medicine bag / and i’m the doctor make the house visit / formula 44 D with the hollows in it”. RAW.
So here’s what I’m givin’ y’all- Pt. 1 of the Beans & State Property dissin’ Nas & Jada freestyle as well as pt. 2 (Chris of the Young Gunz gets it in a lil somethin’ as well… to me ALL of those State P dudes usually sound better freestylin’ than they do on their records… with some exceptions of course… I like a lot of Freeweezy’s records). I’m ALSO gonna smack you sideways with Jaz-O dissin’ Jigga and his n***as (my man be sayin’ some funny ass schitt on here). I don’t remember seeing these joints on the internets back in 2002, although the web is pretty vast… i’ve heard it’s actually worldwide. So maybe everybody already has this stuff, I dunno… if so, happily revisit. If not, get your five year old rap beef on and enjoy it.






What’s good… hope y’all did it right for the 4th and HOPEFULLY you didn’t blow off any limbs when you set off those M80’s yesterday. I did what I usually do for the fourth of july… ate some ribs and wiped my azz with the constitution. No, wait… actually, that’s what George W. did to celebrate the fourth of july. I just ate ribs and listened to Cold Crush tapes (so necessary).
My apologies… i’ll leave the political humor to Colbert and them. My forte is THAT REAL SCHITT and imho politics is about as far away from the real schitt as you can get. Today I want to clarify my position on “random rap” (by the way, who was it that coined the term “random rap” anyway? Chairman Mao? Dave Tompkins? Eddie Catto? Rare Dave? Inquiring minds want to know). Don’t get it wrong at all… I LOVE RANDOM RAP!!! Not everything, of course. But look at all the hot schhhhhittt that has been found and unearthed (and in some cases reissued) in the past few years. All the lost yet bangin’-with-that-1212-sound Paul C productions, mad early Keith Murray… uhh, excuse me, Keefy Keef raps, so on and so forth. I’m not gonna get into a whole HISTORY OF RANDOM RAP thing here… I’ll save that tome for someone else (or just cop the Freddy Fresh book if it’s still around anywhere). But I WILL drop one of my all time favorite random raps, and this one is straight from Philly: Legion Of Doom’s “Live Bait”.
Now, some of y’all may have heard ya boy Phill say that back in the 80’s he wasn’t feelin’ a lot of Philly rap. Well, that is 100% true. I liked a lot of the beats and of course the dj’s were killin’ it, but the rap portion of the program? Oh, HELL to da naw! Growing up 30 mins from the Bronx and being fed a steady diet of Mele Mel, Caz, Moe Dee and all the great NYC rap pioneers, I just couldn’t f**k with basically any Philly rapper seriously back then. It wasn’t until EST and 3X Dope came out that I was ready to give a Philly dude much props on the mic (I later learned to appreciate dudes like Fresh Prince and others).
There were a few exceptions, though, and this Legion Of Doom 12″ was one of them. I remember hearing this just one time on the radio when it first came out… I was like OH SNAP! Recorded it live off of Power 99, but the deejay never said what the name of it was. I rocked the radio dub for awhile, but it soon got lost amidst the hundreds of other radio tapes I have in boxes and laying around wherever. Once the random rap craze hit a few years ago I heard the song again a few times, one time at a record show where I was deejaying with Tony D (fabled hip hop producer and the KING of all Ebay random rap sellers). I asked him what it was, but he thought I was asking about a different record so I didn’t get the correct info. Of course that ain’t gonna stop a legendary digga like myself, so I quickly found out all the info. Did I then spend the $500+ to cop an OG 12″? Nah, I’m too cheap to do that, especially since I have a 320 kbps MPfree! And it is that same MPfree which I will now share with you.
Fast raps over James Brown breaks, ILL programming (much as i tried to front on Philly, dudes were CRAZY nice bangin’ out beats in this town, for real), an emcee with a somewhat Will Smith-ish sound to his delivery but the bol TL is real nice with it (“just cuz you grew a few inches and a couple of hairs / sprouted out on ya chest, boy, you still ain’t a man / I bet’ not never catch you standin’ up usin’ the can / anymore, or I’m-a smack ya ass down to the floor / and when I pull up in a limo, punk, open the door”). Overall I’m personally giving this jam an A… y’all may not agree with such a high grade, but so what- this is my blog and I’m always right here. DEAL WITH IT. lololol!
BTW, I know I have a scan of this 12″ but have no idea where it’s floating around at on my external HD. If anybody out there has a scan they can send me so I can add a pic, please do so- either hit me with a comment that includes a link right here or shoot something over to my e-mail, and I will be your BFF. I promise. ALSO, if anybody knows the Legion Of Doom and / or “where are they now” hit me with that info too. They might live three doors down from me for all I know!

And one last BTW: I see y’all ain’t shy with the downloads, so please don’t be shy with the comments either. Give me some feedback before I have to start reporting on the trials (literally) and tribulations of Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton in order to elicit some sort of response. If you make me stoop so low I’ll never forgive you, I swear it.




4th of July tomorrow… everybody will be chillin’ and grillin’ (if it don’t rain anyway… that’s what they’re talking out here in Philly). Me, you know what I’ll be doin’… f**kin’ up some ribs and annoying the kids with my old school rap tapes! Here’s a little taste of how I’m rockin’ it tomorrow: Cold Crush Brothers and Fantastic 5 gettin’ down together at the Ecstacy Garage, 1980. Grandmaster Caz on the mix and Jerry Dee Lewis (JDL), Almighty KG, Prince Whipper Whip, Rubie Dee and Kid Supreme (of the Nice & Nasty 4) on the m-i-c emceein’ to the Funky Penguin, Blackbyrds, Detroit Emeralds and the Yes We Can Can breaks. Yeah, yeah, we’ll put on some Ne-Yo and Fabolous and all that other stuff too… LATER. When all the ribs are gone. Until then, it’s an old school party cotdamn. FRESSSSSSSHHHH.




On the day after my first ever vertigo attack, it looks like I am gonna survive (WHEW). I still feel a little funny and light headed, but the doctors have diagnosed my situation as benign vertigo- nothing too serious. Good to know, because when that sh*t hit me yesterday it was scary, to say the least. And I don’t scare easy.
Anyway, I’m gonna make it short and sweet today. Today’s audio will be a couple of the remixes I had up on that World Of Beats V.2 blog back in ’05… I know those damn Yousendit links didn’t last long and few people got to download them. So this time I’m Z-Sharing them so that they’ll last, like, forever ever. De La Soul “Stakes Is High” and The Pharcyde “Runnin'”, both redone by A Producer Called Soulman… two of my better loved unreleased remixes from that mid 90’s (a.k.a. the last days of Real Schitt relevance) era.


DE LA SOUL “Stakes Is High (Soulman Remix) RE-UPPED”:

THE PHARCYDE “Runnin (Soulman Remix) RE-UPPED”: