Back to the old school, y’all. While going through some of my old school tapes last week to find some ill schitt to bless y’all with, I came across one I didn’t even know I had. Audubon Ballroom, 1981 (probably not the same show as the one advertised in the flyer shown here, though). Members of the Fantastic Five, Busy Bee and Grandmaster Caz all get loose on this one over beats like Say It Loud I’m Black And I’m Proud, Heartbeat, Catch A Groove, Bounce Rock Skate Roll, etc. Plus we hear some stuff getting played that some cats who weren’t around back then might not expect to hear at an old school hip hop jam, like the Whispers‘ “It’s A Love Thing” and even the sugar-sweet bubblegum of Chee Chee and Peppy‘s “I Know I’m In Love”.
But the part I REALLY dig on this tape is where the Original Kev (aka Kevie Kev aka Waterbed Kev of the L Brothers, Fantastic Romantic Five, Fantastic Freaks, Furious Five and Furious Lovers– you did know he was down with those last two as well, right?) rhymes right over top of the Sugarhill Gang‘s “8th Wonder” and flips the words, turning into a Weird Al Yankovic-style parody. For instance, the Gang’s line “and baby dolls and all you daddy-o’s / you better get ready to move your toes” is transformed into “and baby dolls and all you pregnant hoes / you better get ready for maternity clothes“! Now, I used to hear brothers in the streets sayin’ some of these rhymes back in the days, but I never heard any of this on an actual live jam tape. And come to find I’ve had this schitt for yeeeeeeears. Whoa.
BTW, interesting ancedote about Kev in the recently released Wildstyle The Sampler book by Charlie Ahearn (required real schitt reading, of course) where Charlie tells how he was with the Fantastic right before they headed out for the big Sugarhill Convention at the Armory back in 1981, and Kev sticks his pistol in his pants on some “i wish somebody would try to test me tonight” schitt. Funny how it was just as real in the field way back then- maybe even more so- yet the emcees of that era didn’t feel the need to glorify their harsh realities anywhere near as much as they do today. And they say, children… what does it all mean?

1981 AUDUBON BALLROOM The Original Kevie Kev, Dota Rock & Busy Bee RE-UPPED

BTW, a big middle finger salute to Blogger for illin’ out and making me have to rewrite the 2nd half of this post all over again. Luckily I’m a professional and remembered everything almost word for word after losing the schitt. BOO.


  1. “everybody smells so funky and they ain’t got no money.”That was great. Thanks for this.

  2. Yo Phill I haven’t read that Wild Style Sampler yet but thanks to you I will. That is very interesting no doubt!! Yeah gun play was part of the nights I remember back sometime between 81 and 83 they had a Musi Fair down at Duckery Elementary school playground in North Philly it ran for like a week straight. groups from all over performed each night they also had a boxing contest on the other side with a ring outside, none the less I believe it was the Saturday night one when the bullets sparked and the whole school yard cleared out literally knocking each other over. Duckery is a very huge school yard so imagine how crowded it was, I’ll never forget it cause I was about 13 or 14 years old and I already had snuck out to the jam with my trusty big tape recorder.I agree Phil it’s nothing glamorized to us it was like some sh** went down the following days would lead to a hood investigation of who done what. This is trully classic I think I have this one I haven’t listened to it in a while though. I’ve been recently pumping some the Cash Money toronto piece, and Cosmic Kev battling DJ Thorpe back in 83. I was blessd with that piece earlier this year after departing from it in about 87. This was a great example of how it went down back then DJ’s spinned new records while chilling then cut it up some for the m.c., then display their own skills.Great post Phill

  3. this is the only type of music i download unheard. anytime i got a chance to dl an old party tape it’s on.thanks.

  4. One of the most interesting tapes i’ve heard so far. I’m loving that live drop-parody of ‘8th wonder’…i’ve heard ppl do this recently with 90’s records like “Who got the props” but i never knew it went back THAT far. Another strange coincidence, is i just dropped a 7″ and it’s very similar to the “pass the joint/Smoke a Joint” idea used on this tape with teh funky 4 record… and i never even knew about this tape before. Thanks again Soulman. -Jorun

  5. if you are selling any fantastic 5 recordings that troy smith or grandmaster caz doesn't have please contact me john jefferson 212-865-7863.or any old school in thoose times ill pay ask troy,or caz,im looking for the tapemaster-(elvis-moreno) my email is im just that old school junkie

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