Before I break out for awhile for my late summer vay-cay, I leave you with this- a 30+ minute mix featuring some beats taken straight off of a couple of my beat tapes from around 1992-1993. And when I say straight off of the beat tapes, I mean STRAIGHT off of them… all kinds of distortion, tape hiss, muddy bass, you name it. Everything that you need for THAT REALEST SCHITT. Of course I am severely biased and possibly even on my own d**k somewhat, but awww f**k it… i don’t apologize for that. I ain’t no real for real deejay but the schitt is bangin’ regardless- there, I said it. If you disagree that’s cool, but you’re not my friend anyway. Alla y’all who are friends and who like it raw- please download this mix, pass it along to any real schitters in your community and enjoy. And hit me with some comments too… it’ll only take a minute out of your life. See ya in a week or two.
Oh, and BTW… the pic up top is actually NOT from 1992-1993… more like 1994. I still had hair, yo!


  1. Nice picture Phill and also a nice mix. If it ain´t raw it ain´t real!Thanks Man!Peace

  2. Nice share, Soulman.This is a gem. There are some really dope parts in there.And I’m pretty sure you didn’t Sawrato anything.Real records and raw sample drumming is the deal.

  3. If you like soul, there’s a really amazing album that just came out on HackTone – ‘First Landing’ by The Dynamics. It is excellent – a rare soul album that slipped under the radar. They’re touting it as a mix of smooth Detroit and gritty Memphis soul and I agree — the opening song is killer! Of course, there’s a MySpace –

  4. Dude, those shits is phat, you need to holla at my boy Macka 2 put some of those out on wax. There’s a real groundswell of heads who are older & wiser now, but need that raw early 90’s ish banging out the speakers.

  5. loving the joint with the BDP vocal sample near the end of the mix.

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