Yo, what up folk. Back from vacation but still not totally back (DisneyWorld damn near KILLED a brother, fo sho… i’ll tell y’all about it soon, after i’ve fully recovered from the great time I had down in the sunshine state). Here’s a little something to hold you ’til I get back into the swing of things- an excerpt from one of my favorite old school tapes of all time featuring the Cold Crush Bros. and the Treacherous Three (minus Kool Moe Dee and with DLB from the Fearless Four in his place). This clip showcases the rhyme skills of the one and only Grandmaster Caz, captain of the Cold Crush 4 emcees. As I always say when hittin’ y’all with these tapes from 25 or more years ago, it may be difficult to understand just how dope some of this stuff is if you weren’t around to witness it when it went down. But TRUST ME… Caz was sooooo next level with the lyricism back then. For that era you had the three headed mc monster of Mele Mel, Moe Dee and Caz. But as great as they all were, IMO Caz was really the dude that had no discernable weakness. Story raps, funny schitt, serious topics (see the “Wildstyle Subway Rap”), stuff for the ladies, battle raps, a variety of styles and flows, singing routines, you name it. And he would absolutely kill it with his onstage banter between routines- if you peeped that Soulman Radio Mix in my last post, Caz is the dude near the end of the mix who made a dedication to his boy Roy Thomas who was “in the hospital with herpes” (“when the boy get out he gonna be walkin’ like he got a potato chip up his ass and don’t want to break it!”). Anyway, this little less-than-3 minute clip gives a nice example of the Cap rippin’ a few rhymes live. Enjoy… i’ll be back in full effect with a lot more fresh schitt soon! Peace out.



  1. this is really dope. i have to start collecting these tapes again. so many of them i haven’t heard yet.

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