I’ve seen LL Cool J in the skreets twice that I can recall- once in Philly back when he was first blowin’ up, I guess sometime in 1985. Just bouncin’ down Market Street with his boy Earl or somebody… I remember just thinking that he was bigger than I thought he’d be, seemingly slightly taller than the 6 foot height he used to claim on his records (I was about 6 feet my damn self and I know I was lookin’ up at the boy). The second time was years later in New York, strolling down Broadway not far from the Def Jam offices with a female acquaintance of mine. Who rolls by in his whip but the world famous James Todd himself. Now, homeboy sees the young lady walking with a dude (me) who could very well be her boyfriend, husband, whatever (I was neither)… no matter, he smiles at her and fixes his lips in a kissyface position. Well, at least he fought back his natural urge to start lickin’ em- thanks for having that much restraint, Uncle L. The young lady obviously blushed and probably secretly wished she could’ve given dude her phone number or even just hopped in the car with him for some groupie activities- hey I don’t blame her for that- but she played it cool as to not dis me so blatantly.
Naturally, being the man that I am, I didn’t appreciate Cool James’ act of disrespect. But do I hold grudges? No, I d… uh, well actually yes I do hold grudges. In this case, though, I won’t let this axe I been grindin’ for well over a decade stop me from tellin’ the truth, be it convenient or not. LL Cool J may be the GOAT in his own mind, but no matter if you do or don’t agree with that ranking, anybody with even the slightest knowledge of real schitt history has to admit that the boy was B-A-D in his day. If you check my Soulman World Of Beats website (I’m feelin’ too lazy at the moment to provide the link… just google that schitt if you must) you’ll find my little ancedote about seeing L perform “Rock The Bells” for the first time and how blown away I was to hear his infamous “After Midnite” freestyle over the T-La Rock “It’s Yours” instrumental on Lady B’s radio show. My man seriously dropped on the mid 80’s rap scene like a weapon of mass destruction, changing the game and leaving a lot of mc’s careers totally obliterated (and also inspiring a LOT of hate… one of my big name rap buddies recently told me some funny stories about LL in his early days that unfortunately I can’t repeat here, but trust me- they were funny).
What I have for you in this THAT REAL SCHITT entry is what I thought was one of L’s dopest cuts from the late 80’s / early 90’s phase of his career, but one that got very little play when it first came out. Imagine- LL spittin’ straight FIRE over a raw, fast Marley Marl beat and the schitt went overlooked? Crazy. I guess it got igged because it was stuck on the Marley Marl “In Control Vol. II” lp and I think it might’ve initially been available on cassette only (that’s all I could find it on when I copped it)… I dunno, but the schitt was dumb hot to me. Truly the definition of THAT REAL SCHITT.
Also as a bonus I need to smack y’all with some live stuff too, so you also get a clip of L going all out over the Davy DMX beat at The Roxy back in the days… going at it with crazy vigor even after the beat stops. HIP HOP. Suckers get mad while the girlies scream….


LL COOL J Freestylin’ Live At The Roxy RE-UPPED



  1. niiice.. do you by any chance have that Big Daddy Kane birthday party where everybody rocked until the dude from Ill and Al Scratch got on and dissed Kane?(watup, btw 🙂 my partner Monk One introduced once way back in the day.)

  2. what up fam… sorry i’m getting old and senile but were you up there at the radio station the time me and Mr. Supreme rolled through? anyway, glad to see you stoppin’ by to check out this real schitt. what up with Monk? we haven’t been in touch in a minute. tell him Soulman said what’s good.as for the Kane b-day party, yep, i got it. i think Stretcg Amstrong had it up on his Konstant Kontact blog not too long ago… check over there and if you can’t get it from Stretch hit me back.I also have a Grandmaster Caz b-day party from 1993 where Kane rips it… i’ll probably be posting that one in the near future.

  3. Phill I copped this from one of the good brothers on OSHH, this was after hearing the one that I was looking for over 20 years and that was the one at the AFter Midnight in Philly. It was similar to this one and I can’t begin to tell you if one was better than the other. If there are any doubters of this guys talent play this man. this was like 85 and he murdered the jarn in Philly in what 84 . Cats wasn’t on his level yet, I know cause I was an m.c. and at that time we were making intelligent rhymes to try to kep up. I was making intelligent rhymes back when Moe destroyed Busy and I heard that tape, but I must admit LL was awesome and as much as you want to hate on him he was and is the man. Play this!! Thanks Phil

  4. naw, i don’t be hatin’ on Lip Licker Cool James, olskool4real… one of the greatest EVER, no doubt! we’re from back in the days so we KNOW how vicious L was back then. the after midnite joint is floating around on the net, too (i think i posted it somewhere myself a while back)… if you need it let me know. PEACE

  5. That’s what’s up Phill!! Yeah I think you better get that thing to me!! I looked around to play it and can’t find it.

  6. hey Phil dope post as always, have you heard the demo mix of Rampage with L absolutely destroying it? The released version sounds tame in comparison!

  7. What up Soulman, it’s Kevin here…btw in that audio freestyle from the Roxy, LL was actually going off on Run DMC

  8. yo Cro- i need that Rampage demo, homes! BTW, the Pete Rock mix of Rampage is like one of my favorite hip hop jams of all time, maybe even top 20 status. I LOVE that schitt!

  9. hey Kevin… I did hear that L was aiming that freestyle at Run DMC, but I wasn’t gonna spread that rumor without verification. Might be true but it could be just one of the many hip hop urban legends that are floating around out there, who knows.

  10. I wish I had that PR remix. Love that shit. I’d love one of those Def Jam jackets as well…….

  11. hey Brian… it’s a year after your post but since you mentioned the Def Jam jackets I have a funny little story… back when Rick Rubin was running Def Jam out of his dorm room my partner Scratchmaster Rob used to go up there and chill with Rick from time to time. Once he went up there and knocked on the door, and it was unlocked and nobody was in there! man, he saw some of those original purple Def Jam jackets hanging up in there and was maaaad tempted to swipe ’em! But he didn’t… the little angel on his shoulder won out. Unfortunately, Rick passed on our demo anyway (guess he already had one LL Cool J, he didn’t really need another guy trying to sound like him on homemade demo tapes). Rob shoulda took those damn jackets.

  12. AND… daaaam LL sounded ferocious on this shit, like he really is about to go into a fit and rip off somebody’s neck! I like the way he rearranges these rhymes everytime he says them (Rock The Bells 12″ version, After Midnite freestyle and also this Roxy freestyle…. basically a lot of the same rhymes give or take a few but shuffled around in a totally different sequence). He’s BAAAAAAD.

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