soulman… blazin’ y’all AGAIN… world of beats, kid

A lot of dudes who rock break mixtapes… well, not necessarily break mixes, let’s say old record mixtapes… they rock ’em like they would rock a party. Meaning that they’re trying to keep the people dancing… each record blends pretty nicely into the next, everything stays pretty funky and energetic throughout, ectera ectera. I respect that type of mix when it’s done well, but for me that’s just never been my style. When it’s your job to keep the fools dancin’ I think you’re handcuffed to some degree- certain schitt you just can’t play (unless you are a truly great deejay OR a great personality like a Biz Markie… Biz could probably get away with playing anything!). That’s one of the reasons why I have never really played out, I don’t want to have to cater to what the crowd wants to hear. I want to be free to play ANY ol’ schitt I want to play. I like the hard, funky schitt but I also like the smooth mellow schitt and the cool schitt that you really can’t dance to but you can nod the hell out of your head to. Man, if I can’t play that kinda stuff then I don’t want to play records at ALL. I gotta have variety, that’s all there is to it.

Which takes me to another thing that dudes like to do- mixes based on a particular genre. I’ve done this too, particularly with my Best Of Archaeologists Classics series (stuff like From The Rock Section, The Highest Pleasure (Jazz Joints), Funky 45 Joints, etc.). But again, I prefer not to be restrained. If I’m playing records, I want to go from funky rock to jazz funk to sweet soul to breakbeats to easy listening, from uptempo to slow drag… pretty much anything goes. You can see a little bit of what I’m talking about on this clip taken from my Soulman – World Of Beats Vol. 2 DIG IT! mixtape that I did back in… damn, when did I do that? 1997 maybe? I’m not sure, and I don’t think I even have any of the OG tapes or even the full artwork anymore, so I can’t check up on it. Anyway, check out a taste of how I was puttin’ it down in the late 90’s….

SOULMAN – World Of Beats Vol.2 DIG IT! (excerpt) RE-UPPED



  1. Great stuff Phil – picked Dig It! up a while ago and it never leaves my tape deck!Keep this stuff coming!! Much appreciated.

  2. thanks for the respect, anonymous. it’s appreciated.and a reminder to all who are downloading / checking out the REAL SCHITT that is being dropped here… if you like it and want more just leave a quick comment, doesn’t have to be a full love letter or anything. Keep me inspired to do this… I get bored with schitt very easy and need motivation to continue. I could be spending my time doing other things, like making it rain at the neighborhood ta-ta bar or even just socializing on Facebook. Thanks to all who have let me know you are diggin’ these posts… you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet, we ’bout to give you more than you supposed to get. CHILL.

  3. yeah, I got that tape at home with full cover artwort, dope schitt!!!!

  4. DLing now. Thanks again.My mixes so far have been ‘mixes based on a particular genre’ and it does feel sooo limiting. I like the challenge of doing these mixes but I do feel like sometimes I might have thrown in a lightly weaker joint than I would have liked to just to keep in the theme of the mix.Like my Japanese mixes ‘Harajuku Snap/Kitty is a slut’ there must be well over 100 Japanese tunes in those mixes and I live in the UK (but had holidayed in Japan annually) so I had very limited material to work with (still I chuffed to bits with how they came out).I’m starting a new mix now, and yes again its themed. I just cant help myself 🙂

  5. soulman……been rating your mixes and selections since first time round …loved hearing this again thank you kindly mr mostt

  6. Yo, nice blog you have here man… And yeah, thanks for linkin’ me, it means a lot… I’ve also linked you up so be free to check it out, peace…Djalma

  7. hey parkz-themes are cool, don’t get me wrong! it’s allllllll about the music making you feel good regardless of the format. “Kitty Is A Slut” is DOPE! my daughter loves it too (i got her hooked on Chiyo Okumura so she loves Japanese music).

  8. just read your interview with troy l smith you dropped some serious hip hop history i can’t find flash is on the beat box to download you know the bootleg on bozo meko records got mines in the early 80’s lost all my crates appreciate a lead on that peace keep droppin those jewels.

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