I always thought Jay-Z was one of the nicest emcees out there, even before he hit with “Ain’t No N-Word” and the “Reasonable Doubt” lp. I’m talkin’ ’bout the Original Flavor “Can I Get Open” days…. even when son was rappin’ like the Fu-Schnicks, if you were a true rhyme connisseur like myself you could just tell that this dude was taking schitt to another level. Yeah, I know y’all real heads out there will scoff since he ended up being a multimillionaire pop rapper-slash-record industry CEO… I gotta admit that as much as I myself am a fan of ya boy Young Hov, I will probably never forgive him for influencing the greatest rapper pound-for-pound EVER, Big Daddy Kane, to change his style from total perfection to some triplin’ up the word tongue twistin’ schitt. But regardless, my n***a Jigga paid his dudes and came up through those underground ranks (I ain’t gonna re-tell homie’s life story, y’all should know it by now and if you don’t you more than likely don’t care anyway). I didn’t even know until recent years that his first record was waaaay back in 1986 with the random rap classic “HP Gets Busy” by High Potent (so just how old is this dude for real??).

I really started paying attention back in I guess 1995 or so (probably even a little earlier) when I heard this joint “What’s In A Name” on a mixtape (was it Ron G? My man S&S? I forget stuff like this all the time… if you know, hit me on the comments and refresh my failing memory). A young lady emcee that I was doing tracks for at the time asked me who I thought was the best rapper and I told her “I dunno, it might be this dude Jay-Z… you know, the dude from ‘Can I Get Open'”. She just looked at me with a perplexed grill and probably thought I was high on something.
BTW, there was another unreleased cut by Jay-Z on that mixtape that I need… if you got it and can hit me with it I would be forever in your debt (not really, but I’d be your pal at least). I have the OG cassette somewhere but I don’t feel like looking for it. I really need to go through all my 90’s mixtapes… maybe one of these decades I’ll get around to it.


  1. my money’s on J-Mo Ice…dude’s voice really sticks out in my memory.– Matt Stackswell

  2. dig out those mixtapes…g’wan.Got any nice 80’s mixtapes or radio shows?????Cheers for all the hard work over the years. appreciated.Harry the Horse Thief

  3. Damn this Jay-Z / What’s in a name track is dopeness! I never heard it before, thanks for posting it!The “HP Gets Busy” track made some noise on the underground here back in 86 (think that was the year).It got played by legendary alternative DJ John Peel (listening to his show was the only way to get hip hop if you didn’t live in the big city’s ).And it was in the Groove Hip Hop Sales Chart. This was a weekly hip hop chart published in Echo magazine, and was basically the sale’s chart for a shop called Groove Records in Soho, London.I just to love the track to bits but the thing that made this track stand out at the time over so many other dope tunes (86 was crazy) was the flows of the MC’s. I swear the flows were next level at the time, the level of Mcing just really stood out to me. it’s a seriously dope track that I hope to get on vinyl one day.

  4. Damn, I thought I was finally gonna score a non DJ version of this song. Oh well.I’m pretty sure this is from a Chubby Chubb mixtape. Definately not Ron G or S&S though.

  5. CHUBBY CHUBB! I think that’s it! Okay, that’ll make it a lot easier to find. Thanks, A-One! BTW, do you have the other cut by Jay-Z that was on that mixtape? I’ll post it up in the future if I find it.

  6. lol don’t feel stupid. I didn’t catch that Chubby Chubb said his name on the track until I just now read your comment & relistenedI never owned the mixtape but I do have another Jay mp3 from a Chubb mixtape that might be what you’re looking for. It’s with Sauce Money & called “Rippin It Up” Let me know if this is the onehttp://sharebee.com/350bc302What year do you think these were?

  7. yo A-One… that “livin’ it up” track is niiiice…. definitely not the one I was referring too though. I don’t think I ever heard this cut before. If I have a minute tonight I’m gonna flip through my tapes and see if I can get lucky

  8. it’s me bbatson..Looks like someone beat me to it. I have that chubby chubb mix. I’ll grab it. I think i already ripped the jay song on my cpu. I’ll look.wait here……

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