Yo…. i know y’all checked the def short film on the life of Hip Hop pioneer Chief Rocker Busy Bee Starski that I posted a couple of months ago… did you know that said short film was done by Barry Michael Cooper? Yeah, THAT Barry Michael Cooper… the man behind flicks like New Jack City, Sugar Hill (that was my SCHITT, yo) and Above The Rim. My man was one of the first, if not THE first hip hop journalist back when he was puttin’ it down for the Village Voice (BTW, I just dug up some old issues from my vaults, so I will have some other Voice-related posts coming soon). BMC is still puttin’ it down… peep the 20 part web drama BLOOD ON THE WALL$ featuring appearances by a number of well-known faces, now running on the Baltimore Citypaper website. Here’s webisode 1… you can see the other parts at (they’re up to webisode 15 as of right now).

Big homie also is working with some Philly rap folks… keep an eye out for the upcoming The Hu$tle Diaries online documentary that deals with the real life trials and tribulations of an indy rap label in the 2000’s. You can check the trailer /video featuring Philly Swain here.

And just to keep things in the real schitt realm, here’s part 2 of that Busy Bee flick showin’ how homeboy gets down with the stickiest of the icky…

You should also google up my man BMC and read up on some of his true hollywood stories… the Oliver Stone encounter was truly an OH SNAP moment!


  1. your talking about the ‘scarface’ story right phil? i saw an interview with bmc were he said he was gonna slap the taste outta stone’s mouf for that!

  2. yep, the Scarface story would be the one. I always knew something was wrong with Oliver Stone’s demented ass. Russell Simmons should have HELPED Barry stomp that muthaf**ka into a comatose state. Sheeeeeeit….

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