I’m not really a disco guy, but I can appreciate some of the stuff in almost any genre of music. I stumbled across a bunch of rare disco 12″s a few years back (my last big come up on the record diggin’ tip… i’ll probably never be into record hunting deep enough to find a motherload like that again). Most of the records I sold… like I said, I’m not a disco guy. I kept a couple of them, most notably the 1st record I play on this “A Whole New Way Of Walking” mix (actually I sold a test pressing of said record and kept the commercial copy). I did the mix I guess back in 2005 or 2006… disco, dance, boogie, modern soul, just plain ol’ R&B, etc…. some common stuff that I’ve always loved mixed in right alongside the raaaaare stuff. I was gonna put this out as part of my Stroman Fresh Baked Classics series of mix cds, but I decided that there were some things about this mix that I should’ve done differently and upon further review just chose not to put it on the market. Plus, does anybody even buy cds anymore? Your guess is as good as mine, probably even better. So here you go, free of charge… if you didn’t already cop this over at Soulstrut you can add it to your immense mp3 library now. More unreleased Soulman mixes will be coming soon, stay tuned.

PS: anybody who can name that first record I play on this mix will win a prize… anybody who can name EVERY record on this mix will win an even COOLER prize. Mr. Supreme-level contestants are not eligible.


  1. I think I first heard of this mix over at Soulstrut. Thanks for giving a cat in TN some new schitt to vibe to.

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