I just heard about the Big Daddy Kane’s recent performance in Philly… they say the brother tore it down so completely that when it was over the crowd kept chanting “we’re not worthy”… actually had Kane getting a little misty eyed over the fact that all these years later he can still get so much love from the people. Well, Big Daddy, you most definitely deserve it, son. Folks will always debate who’s the greatest rapper to ever touch a mic, but for me it’s got to be BDK. In his prime the man had NO weaknesses as far as I’m concerned. For right now I’ll leave the GOAT arguments alone, but instead will just hit you with a few Kane rarities that you may or may not already have- this stuff has probably already been circulating on the net, but if you DON’T already own this you most certainly can use it. It’s Big Daddy Kane…. of course you can use it.

BIG DADDY KANE – A Little Half Steppin’ RE-UPPED



BTW, I have some other BDK live stuff from back when he was Biz’s hype man, I just gotta dig that stuff out. If anybody out there has the OTHER Big Daddy Kane-Jazz Fresh battle tape, the one where they go at it in Philly, please hit me up and let me know what’s good. Trades or $$$, whatever’s clever.


  1. Thanks, those were new to me, great stuff.I love all the BDK albums right up to and including ‘looks like a job for’.OK theres some sub-par stuff on the last two albums but also some good shit thatI feel gets overlooked.

  2. He wore his pants hangin’ down and his sneakers untied, and rasta type kangol tilted to the side… they said he would grow up to be nothin but a hoodlum, either in jail or someone would shoot ‘im… Now he’s grown up to their suprise…It’s great that a talent like Kane left the childish thug shit behind when he entered the entertainment field… it’s like being a rapper legitmized him in the eyes of those that thought he’d just end up a hood. Which is the exact opposite of what it is today: juvenile deliquents who get into rap so they can pretend to be Tony Soprano well into their late-30s. Kane was the first great example of getting your grown man on, but it seems that nobody listened….

  3. qWhat’s up Soulman????Damn it’s good to see you back on the web. I’ve been a fan since your Rappages days, and have read and re-read the articles on your old site over the years – it’s a great source for research!Anyway, hella nice posts of the King Asiatic, it’s great to see the man getting his props again. Had an unrelated request – any chance you could post DJ Cash Money’s first Old School Need to Lean’O tape? I don’t mean the more well-known Vol 2 with mid-school Run DMC, UTFO, Biz, etc. I mean the one with Crash Crew, Flash, Funky 4 + 1, etc. Still my favorite mixtape ever and my copy disappeared years ago. Of course, any Cash Money or old school Philly ish would be appreciated!

  4. what up JBDown… yeah, a nice Cash Money post would be dope. I know I have that tape… where it’s at is the question. I will DEFINITELY have some old school live Philly stuff at some point… I’m trying to get some exclusives from some big friends of mine. We’ll see how that goes.

  5. Thanks Soulman! Hope you find the tape – Cash’s blends with Flash to the Beat (Bozo Meko version of course), The Micstro and Super Sperm are highlights, but the whole tape’s dope. But of course, it’s Cash after all. You guys still in touch? Will be looking forward to any old school Philly – No one could touch those Philly DJ days….

  6. I might be able to get my hands on that Jazz Fresh Philly Tape. Let me holla at FRESH and I’ll let you know whats what!oNe!

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