A few years back I got a request from a homie at Power 106 in LA to hit them off with a mix. At the time I was pretty much done with the break mix game, but I said what the hell… one more for the road. I just so happened to have a bunch of records that had been recently sampled by various hip hop and r&b acts sitting by my tables, so why not hook up a little mix using some of these joints. Not even midway through putting the mix together (I don’t do no live mix schitt, almost all of my joints are productions) the computer I had at the time crashed, so I lost all of my man at Power 106’s contact info. Tried to find out who he was, where I could reach him, but to no avail (knowing me I probably didn’t try very hard). Well, if you’re out there and happen to see this post, my man, I did have every intention of sending you the mix and here’s the evidence. I only finished a little less than 20 minutes of it, though… here it is anyway.
You can probably tell this was done right around the time Beyonce‘s “Crazy In Love” and 50 Cent‘s “Get Rich Or Die Trying” came out, before everybody and they mama was up on the samples used. Your Soulman mix collection isn’t complete without this, so get your free download on. And LEAVE COMMENTS. I ain’t droppin’ this schitt much longer if I don’t get some more feedback…. schitt, it don’t got to be in english! Peace to all who do leave comments on the regular.

SOULMAN – Goin’ Back To Cali Power 106 Mix (unreleased) RE-UPPED


  1. AYO THANKS AGAIN PHILLY PHIL! -From one of your many lurker fans

  2. Diggin in the crates like a maniacYour posts are always appreciated Phil, actually I have been trying to find out what Havoc used for “Hit It From The Back”, the main loop and horns (not the drums) please.

  3. Who’s The ManSoulmanfrom philly to L.A.London To TokyoAnd BeyondKeep Providing Us With Those BombsI Gotta ConfessYou’re The Man?Can I Get a S.O.U.L.M.A.N.

  4. Nice stuff Phill – whatever happened to that track you did with Paul Nice a while back? Heard it up on Soulstrut a while back. Do you know if PN is gonna release it? On wax maybe? S**t was bangin!!

  5. Thanks again.Nice schitt.I’ve not played that Barry White joint in years. Forgot how good it was.

  6. Yo… to my anonymous homeboy who asked about the Paul Nice / Phill Most Chill “Never Stop Diggin'” track- I certainly hope it’s gonna be coming out. Haven’t talked to Big Pauly in a minute, last I heard he was finishing up his album. We might have to just post the track up here on THAT REAL SCHITT pretty soon (with Paul’s permission, of course)

  7. Thanks Phill. Fresh mix, always bringing that realness!! Crazy, sitting there listening going – oh snap that’s what so and so sampled.

  8. Thanks Soulman. Another nice blend of sounds. What is the joint that starts 09:52?

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