What we have here today, homeboys and homegirls, is a clip from one of my favorite old school tapes, courtesy of the Fearless Four (Microphone Wizard DLB, Devastating Tito, Mighty Mike C and Great Peso, along with dj’s Master O.C. and Crazy Eddie). Now, back in the days I liked a lot of the Fearless’ records (“It’s Magic”, “Rockin’ It” and “Fearless Freestyle” were the joints) but I wasn’t feelin’ their live tapes as much as the ones with the Cold Crush, Fantastic Five, Force MCs, etc. Not until I peeped this one from 1985, which was a few years after the apex of their popularity but probably their peak as far as skills go. DLB was M.I.A. at this performance, but the rest of the crew, particularly Tito, more than made up for their leader’s absence. VERY next level for 1985- the rhyming is sharp and the turntable work is real innovative. And for those who thought that heavy duty cussin’ was invented by NWA or somebody- WRONG. A whole lot of stuff that you may have thought was first done by this or that rapper on this or that record was actually already being done on the street level years before the world at large knew anything about it. Of course, what else could it be?


  1. Nice nice nice! Makes me want to hear the whole damn tape! The Fearless Four over The New Rape Language…classic!

  2. Wow, just wow Phil…I am speechless at this greatness and loljbdown…You might want to redo your post B…The new Rape? Langauage?haha

  3. New Rape Language – My bad. Typing too fast. No disrepect to Spoonie and the Treacherous 3 …

  4. The title “It’s Magic” describes the track perfectly. You just can’t beat their sure-fire rhymes over Cat Stevens “Was Dog a Doughnut” beeline. D-D-DOPE!Great posts Philly Phil…….rock that shit homey!

  5. Peace 4 this. Fearless were transition MC’s so their routines wouldn’t live up to Cold Crush + Furious. They were more lyrical than their contemporaries.

  6. whoa homie, lookin for pix 4 a video I’m cuttin and wow am i smiling now…yes I have their vinyl, I used to get busy DJ DEBONAIRE KUTT NASTY LIVE! aka SIR SCRATCH A LOT from Nu Jeru baby, EO stand up!!!

  7. I just found out from the homie Stretch Armstrong's blog that Tito from the Fearless Four did the rap on Troop's new jack swing classic “Spread My Wings” from back in 1989. I never knew that. Tito could have been a great solo emcee, even during that late 80's golden age era IMO.

  8. Yo!!! Good lookin' out! Hot ass shit!
    Still fresh after all these years..word up!

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