Marsha Hunt is dope. She doesn’t get talked about as much as somebody like Betty Davis, but Marsha had her own thing that was pretty fly in it’s own right. You know I’m not the dude who’s gonna type up a complete bio on anybody (well… unless it’s fictional rappers that I created myself 20 years ago… in that case i’ll type and type and type and type and type… ahaha), but y’all should definitely Google and Wikapedia up this beautiful woman and check out her story if you aren’t already familiar. Very interesting schitt. You’ll notice right above is a famous pic of Marsha that was taken by Lord Lichfield back in 1968… down below is a recreation of the pose that was done in 2005 after she’d lost a breast in her battle with cancer. Now, we’re talking 37 years later, after walking through hell and back and she’s still lookin’ that fine? Wow. Superwoman is real.

As I always do, I must drop a gem on you… this joint by Marsha, “(Oh No! Not) The Beast Day”, is a favorite of mine not just because it’s fonkay but also because we used to sing it at the summer camp I went to as a kid in Norwalk, Connecticut (George Washington Carver Community Center stand up). Our lyrics were a little different- i think we used to say “no, no, no not mah feest-ay” instead of “no, no no no not the beast day”- but I don’t think these lyrics make much sense either way. We used to flake out on that schitt though, yo! At any rate, all heads must bow and give it up for a true queen and a survivor.


  1. just so you know, a pyrex scholar, i think the “beast day” song is 45 only. i forget if it’s on the og “woman child” lp, but i don’t think it is. the album has a couple of other cool things on it too though.

  2. I got that 45 in London for £10 about nine months ago, but I think it might have been comped pretty recently. Artist name on the 45 is Marsha Hunt’s 22, rather than plain ol’ Marsha Hunt. That Woman Child album’s got Hot Rod Papa on it, which is pretty fonkay.

  3. yeah, doc mccoy… that’s not like a rare rare record or anything… when i used to dig i didn’t see it a lot but it wasn’t a big deal. i don’t think you’ll ever see it going for any serious $$$. My joint off that Woman Child album is Marsha’s version of “My World Is Empty Without You”… there’s a video of her performing that schitt live up on youtube, too (i shoulda embedded that up on the blog too).

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