Yo… tomorrow (or worse case scenario sometime this weekend) I will be dropping my annual HIP HOP LESSONS on your azzes- mad old school park jam tapes, emcees, disk jockeys, so tell all the fly kids and the young ladees. As a prelude to the THAT REAL SCHITT holiday celebration which is to come, I would like to spread a little bit of Philly love. Here are some of the pics of the great pieces of art (legal and not necessarily legal) that adorn the walls of the city of brotherly luv that I like to take with my camera phone when I’m out there in the skreets. You can also download the theme music below the pics to help you get into that Philladelphia state of mind (and no, the two L’s in “Philladelphia” is not a typo- if you know me you know what time it is).



  1. I like #017. I don’t know what it says, but those letters are like dope.#010 is heavy duty. I don’t know what it says either. Liberty is pulling a black child away from her city? What? What I like is the use of the column of light in the brick pattern. That is really good.

  2. The last one with the girl is the only one that comes to mind Phill and i believe that is North Philly!! The others are I’m guessing out West or Southwest am I correct? We have quite a bit of murals around thanks to the anti graffiti network who’s art didn’t go in vein!!Godd looking

  3. okay, in order (my apologies if i’m wrong on any of these):1. broad & spring garden2. center city, juniper btwn sansom and chestnut3. south st. west of broad4, 5, 8, 9. north philly somewhere around 6th and cecil b moore i think6. 17th and callowhill area7. north philly? not sure about that one10. that last one with the girl is actually southwest- if you look closely you can see the Grays Ferry bridge in the distance to the right.

  4. Sounds about right I do remember that Broad and Springarden one!! They have them all over and it has definetly beautified the neighborhoods. In fact many places these murals are placed were hit up spots or tagging spots. look at the beauty that represents hip hop because those kids were the ones that started this positive theme across the city, oh and don’t forget the initiator of the movement Mayor Wilson Good!!When I seen the statue of liberty one it took me to 17th and I think Brown street where there is a mural kind of like that one but more of the Statue of liberty!!Thanks Phill!!

  5. dag, i just caught that i said the Grays Ferry Bridge was on the right side of the mural with the little girl… that’s actually the dam sign for the Hess gas station at 34th and Grays Ferry. my eye doctor was right, i guess i am gonna need eyeglasses by the next time i see her.

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