Well, we’ve reached another Thankstaking Day… the holiday on which people (well, the people here in the US anyway) eat lots of food, gain lots of weight, watch lots of football and celebrate the genocide of the indigenous peoples who once populated this United States Of America. Oops, did I just lose a segment of my readership with that remark? Well, I guess at least the indigenous peoples who are left (i.e. the ones who weren’t all that cold and said “no thanks” to the small pox blankets) have their casinos, so they must not be doing all that bad. Is that turkey ready yet, hon?
ANYHOW, my way of celebrating the holiday season is to bust out the old school tapes and get the internet goin’ nuts by teaching the kids my HIP HOP LESSONS. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now on my favorite websites soulstrut.com and also diggerswithgratitude.com – just blessin’ the real heads and the old heads with a small deluge of not just THAT REAL SCHITT but that real old schitt. Your typical young fool will not be able to relate- that’s perfectly understandable and it’s all right. But for those of us who appreciate the history and actually dig the original sound (in my mind the TRUE sound) of Hip Hop music, this is what it be about. So please feel free to share these moments in time with your friends, family members and all the nice folk on your soulseek user list. This is HISTORY, people.

GRANDMASTER FLASH, MELE MEL AND E-MAN – Live Convention ’80 RE-UPPEDthis clip is from the same party that was used on the infamous “Live Convention ’81” record. BTW I need to know the beat that Flash is cutting right after “Superrappin'”- anybody?

FUNKY 4 + 1 – T-Connection 10-25-80 RE-UPPEDjust dope… nothing else to say.

GRANDMASTER FLOWERS – Brooklyn park jam, 1979 RE-UPPEDone of the legends playing a lot of disco joints, aided by his man Aaron The Baron. Very different from what was going on in the Bronx but still an important part of Hip Hop’s early development.

MR. HYDE, MR. BOND, STARCHILD & RONNIE GREEN – Foster Center, 1979 RE-UPPEDJeckyl & Hyde and their crew did some of my favorite old school tapes- Jeckyl (aka Andre Harrell) is M.I.A. on this one but it’s still the death, no question. Ronnie Green plays some different beats that you don’t hear on a lot of other tapes.

TREACHEROUS THREE – short but reeeeeal fresh clip RE-UPPEDI hope to one day find the whole tape that this performance came from, because this is some great schitt.Kool Moe Dee and Sunshine go back and forth with the fast rap then Moe gets down for a minute. Just a quick glimpse of how nice these brothers were in their heyday.

DJ DANNY DAN THE BEATMAN cutting up breakbeats w/ GRANDMASTER CAZ – house tape, 1988 RE-UPPED My dude Danny Dan gave this to me a while ago, a tape with him cutting up beats in his crib with GM Caz making a cameo appearance. The flip side of the tape featured Caz, Dot-A-Rock and Biz Markie on the mic, rockin’ it up in Dan’s house! Maybe I’ll release that side of the tape one day, too.

SPOONIE GEE, BUSY BEE, DEBBIE DEE & WANDA DEE RE-UPPEDReally nice to hear the female mc-dj combo of Debbie Deb and Wanda D.

WORLD FAMOUS SUPREME SHOW – WHBI, 4-13-83 RE-UPPEDI collect any hip hop shows on HBI from 1979-1983 or so. Especially looking for Mr. Magic shows. Anybody got ’em let me know… I got $$$. (note: the audio has been FIXED, all should be well now)

And to any and all who download- this is a THANKS taking celebration, so please say thanks when you take. I’m looking for 30, count ’em, 30 comments on this post before I make any new posts. Well, I may settle for 20 but just step up and show some love. I need a hug every now and then. Either that or I’m gonna sign up for some of that AdSense gwop.

BTW, I also want to give a shout to that man Troy L. from the Grant Houses in Harlem U.S.A. who is the KING of the old school tapes and hooked me up with a large portion of the joints now in my collection. If you are lookin’ to cop cassettes let me know and I’ll let him know.


  1. Cheers Phill big shout outs for letting us in on your collection of old-school jewels. Being the impulsive dude that I am I’m taking danny the man, world famous supreme team and flash / melle mel / e-man at first sitting. Look forward to hearing them all on my daily travels. You’re quite right to demand the thanks you deserve too. Lee-Roy, Scotland, UK.

  2. Thank you, honestly these are all recordings that I never thought I would hear. thank you, thank you, thank you

  3. nice stuff!! what’s the first beat in the last mix (the one with the bells)?

  4. Thanks for this post. I have read about Grandmaster Flowers, but never heard him, so it’s cool to hear this piece of history.

  5. Wow, that’s an epic post. History lessons right there for youngins like myself. That Real Schitt is so necessary in an age where the ephemeral too often overshadows the meaningful shit in this world. Sincere Thanks.

  6. Thanks for the links! And that NYC Live Throwdown box set looks insane, but it’s sold out!?I did get my hands on this also from a small label and sold out, a cd with a mix recorded in the early 80s with breaks and live rapping and supposedly a deleted release from the era ‘Live convention 1977 – 79’http://www.myspace.com/goldenreaalSomeone out there must have made high quality recordings at the time?! Any more than a home tape deck.

  7. Yo dude…I am 44 yrs old from NYC (currently in ATL). I remember all this. I have been looking for tracks like this for years!!! Many thanks!!!! This is real old school. Usually I find stuff from the 80’s that everyone has..like Sugar Hill and above. I was looking for stuff older than that. I was about 15 hanging out when this stuff was made!!!!!!

  8. i’m late to the party, but thanks a ton for these massive rarities.

  9. I just found this amazing site!is there anyway you can Repost the Grandmaster flowers link!! its dead. I’ve been looking for them forever. I can’t believe you have it and all this other old school music, I thought was lost forever.

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