To all my real schitters out there, stand up and give yourselves an ovation- I asked for 20-30 comments on that Thankstaking Day post I dropped on your domes a couple of weeks ago and as of this moment I’ve received a hair short of 50 comments! All the regulars came through as did some big dudes. I even got a great comment from someone who was thinking about selling their p***y in celebration of my Hip Hop Lessons! You have truly outdone yourselves, my friends. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna do it again for X-mas / Kwanzaa / New Years, but it looks like I’m gonna have to now. Maybe some early EARLY MC Ricky D practicing over Chill Will‘s crib? Should I even drop the Biz Markie and Pop (aka Kid Wizard aka RAKIM) live at Wyandanch High School tape? Possibly the “Freestylin’ With Phill Most” acetate that I still haven’t put out in it’s entirety yet? Well, I can’t promise anything for certain but I WILL promise that I’ll drop something for y’all.
Between now and Santa Claus day, though, I’ll sprinkle a few other little things if I have the time. Today I’m gonna make up for an error in that Hip Hop Lessons post- when I originally put up the World Famous Supreme Team audio it was a bad clip, so I replaced it with another clip that did play properly- unfortunately it was the wrong clip. The MP3 I put up has already been floating pretty freely around the internets, so I wanted to hit y’all with a different World Famous show. Se’ Devine The Mastermind and Just Allah The Superstar (not “Just Alotta Superstar” as I’ve seen some people state it) were true originals and true innovators in Hip Hop, droppin’ that Five Percent science waaaaay before it became prominent in the rap world thanks to rappers like Rakim and Brand Nubian. And speaking of Brand Nubian, you will notice where they got one of their joints from when you listen to the clip I’m hittin’ you with here. Brings back great memories of me as a kid staying up into the wee hours of the morning trying to pick up WHBI on my little portable radio, antennae hanging out the window with aluminum foil on it (I lived in Connecticut so that schitt was hard to get). It was worth the trouble, though… there had never been anything on the airwaves like this before, and a young b-boy like myself was fiending to hear schitt like this on the radio.
And BTW, if anybody from back in the days can hip me on what was up with the “Na-na Na-na’s”- the people with the antennaes on their heads on Broadway- I sure would appreciate it.



  1. Cot-Damn!! You’re killing us Mr Stroman. Lord have mercy! Yes, please, by all means lace us with them treats! the rest of my Christmas may be bogus but at least that’ll be something to look forward to, no doubt!

  2. Soulman,You’ve done it again. I wish I would have kept all of my apes that I recorded off of the radio when I was younger. But I only had a couple of tapes so I just kept recording new shit over them.

  3. Niiiiiice! Thank you!!!Everything Biz related would be a nice x-mas present, but a biz/rakim highschool joint would be off the hooks!Pro-Ski-1

  4. Another dope post Soulman, Thanks once again for laying the treats on us…:-)

  5. This whole blog thing has been a life time dream of mines 4 real before I found blog land I shopped on eby and amazon looking for old school sh** I had gotten just about all I coul afford to get and I was happy but when I found OSHH and discovered the real sh** I had been looking for I was in tears!! To share yours on here and ask for a comment man that blew me away!! There are several others who do this on a regular but never in the bunches that you come with!! You have put out some real sh** 4 real!!So whateveer you hit us with man it gotta be funky!!!

  6. Bless everyone with that Kid Wizard, Phill! I certainly haven’t had the balls to post it. Instead, I’ve decided to selfishly hoard it for my own ears over the last six months or so. Just curious, but does yours cut off just as he gets into the “7 MC theory”? What a mindfuck that ends up being! Still, after waiting for an eternity to get my paws on this tape, the 5 minutes Kid Wizard is on the mic was well worth it.Anyway, keep the hits coming! And if you really wanna be billy bad ass, see if you can find a tape of the Kangol Crew! Been on that one for a hot minute and have had little luck in copping it.

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