I love the young people. Oh, I know that some of you probably think I don’t like the young people and their chicken noodle soups and their supermanning of that ho. No, no… I LOVE the youth. As a matter of fact, I believe the children are the future. Teach them well and let THEM lead the way. Show them all the… well, you dig where I’m comin’ from. Just because I ride for THAT REAL SCHITT (a foreign concept to most youngins) doesn’t mean that I have anything against those that are not in my age bracket.
What I actually feel for the young is pity. I feel sorry for y’all, man! The powers that be are doing you so, so wrong in so, so many ways and I doubt that most of you even realize it. We could go in many different directions with this, but let’s just keep it in the realm of music. I know, I know… “Phill, you may be on THAT REAL SCHITT but to us your real schitt is just some old bullschitt. We’re quite happy with the new music we are receiving and you really just need to take your rheumatism medicine, grab your walker and GTFOOHWTBS.” I’ve heard it all before like Sunshine Anderson. Hey, feel however you want to feel about it, but I’m STILL gonna tell you what it really is- y’all are being had and you need to know it.

I was recently looking at this Youtube clip of Marvin Gaye flippin’ the National Anthem at the NBA All Star game back in 1983 and I couldn’t help but think… DAMN. When was the last time anybody gave a truly great performance like this? Who are the artists of this generation who are even CAPABLE of doing something as special as this? Where is this generation’s Marvin Gaye? Throw some names at me, dog. Ne-Yo? Chris Brown? Omarion? I’m not talking about underground dudes who have talent (and there definitely are some of those today), I’m talking dudes who are at the TOP of the game, who are on that ICON level. I guess the one name that will be put out there would be R. Kelly, and there’s no doubt that he is a twisted genius with all kinds of musical talent. But my question is what is he really doing with all that talent? And even if that question is disregarded, R. Kelly is like around 40, isn’t he? So he’s an old head anyway. But f**k it, I’ll GIVE y’all R. Kelly. Now… where’s your Stevie Wonder? Where’s your Al Green? Your Michael Jackson, your Prince…. we can go on and on with this, cousin. GREATNESS that’s gonna stand the test of time- not one hot album or a few undeniable club bangers- GREATNESS. That’s what we’re talking about here, and it is just missing.
I apologize, young people… I’m really not trying to debate with you or battle over which era had the better musical artists (it’s really not a contest, is it?). My only objective with today’s rant is to sympathize with y’all. Ya been done WRONG. It’s not your fault. Feel free to speak on it in the comments if you wish- I’ve said what I had to say.


  1. Life is fragile. Just 4 generations. Children don’t know anything. Their parents are run raggedy with both mom and dad working outside the house. The grandparents are wise but usually ineffective. The great-grandparents are just kind of old and about to slip away. That’s it. Four generations of very fragile existence with only really the 40-60 year olds knowing much of anything and most often they have not enough money or time or other resources to make much of a difference. AND THAT IS EXACTLY THE WAY the winners want it. Let the losers lose. Oh hell, help the losers lose. It’s a mental game to a great extent. It’s a seriously hidden secret for the most part. Drug dealers and gat busters ain’t got a chance. They can’t even get out of their own way long enough to see the truth.

  2. 50% (well..) of the kids are interested in music. they know. the rest wouldnt give a damn if they had stevie wonder or omarion, and wouldnt be able to tell the quality difference either.

  3. That “superman/soldierboy” isht is dope – that’s a Roy Ayers sample for that beat, right? -Soma.

  4. I’m rolling with anonymous. I fall in a semi youngster age bracket 25-30 in the house. Mom and Pops raised me to dig in and look twice at what they’re feeding you. and to never ever believe the hype. Soulman, you said it there may be underground cats with the talent level of a Marvin, or a Stevie, or an Al. But they have no star power, no magic, not icons. On the Marvin at the all star game tip (by the way my hommie has that full game including commercials on DVD!) here is a Stevie Concert from 84:http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=18F88FB67DB01CB5

  5. I’ve been lucky enough to catch some of the recent impressionable youth and turn them onto music by Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder & Jackson 5. God knows i’ve been doing my part in trying to turn their inspiration away from whats going on in the pop world recently. You know, not to steer away from the topic, but the other morning while riding the bus to work i realized that there are no more hip hop females anymore. I couldn’t really name a single new one in the spotlight right now. It shows that music in general is so much more different. No females rapping…But yeah.. no REAL icons.. male or female (unless you count MJ …who IS still alive.. but is the target of so many jokes i actually feel bad for the guy now) Even when James brown died, it seemed like the media was making it into a disrespectful mockery more than anything. Prince still puts out music but has no audience… I mean, he can barely get anyone to even download his stuff for free and the man is still a genius. When i go out to DJ now, I totally take the risk of clearing the dancefloor (on purpose) to play stuff by Stevie Wonder, Jackson 5, Rick James, Parliament and the likes.. sometimes i get burned for it no doubt, but sometimes younger kids come up and ask “Whats that? that is really dope!” I dropped Jean Knight’s “Mr Big Stuff” on them and kids kept dancing. It was totally worth getting dissed 4 times before just to have them finally “get it” the 5th time.There IS hope… but the DJ’s have to actually have the heart & balls to it. No disrespect to hip hop, but i leave most of my rap records home now when i go out to DJ for the youth. 80% of what i play now is between 1969/1985.someone has to teach them right while they are impressionable. Can’t leave it up to the TV to do that anymore.-Jorun

  6. Great post Phill.While on the subject of great musicians / performers, you heard the new Al Green joint “Thought It Out”. OMG!

  7. I’ve thought about this same thing many, MANY times.That is that <>RILLY<> RILL SCHITT. True indeed, gawd, true indeed.

  8. Hey… in defense of this generation’s singers / musicians (and i’m basically just talking about black music here), i juat happened to be watching <>Dreamgirls<> on HBO this morning and i do have to give it up for <>Jennifer Hudson<>‘s performance as a genuinely GREAT piece of work. That’s what I’m talkin’ bout right there. There’s still hope for the future, young people.

  9. Hey-49yrs. old. Marvin's still the MAN…Respect is what it's all about

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