I had to temporarily push back the new post featuring Wu-Tang scheduled for today to instead bring you a shocking development in the world of THAT REAL SCHITT… you heard it on the radio, you seen it on the tv show (well, I guess not really, but you musta heard about this schitt somewhere) and now here it is… Biz Markie‘s infamous MARDIS GRAS WITHOUT THE BELLS!!! Unleashed by living legend Jay Smooth on the Underground Railroad radio show (what up Monk) on WBAI in New York this past weekend, the world FINALLY gets to witness for themselves the beat digging world’s Nessie. But much like the Roger Patterson 1967 Bigfoot clip and the recent UFO sighting over O’Hare Airport, it seems like we still got some non-believers out here who ain’t buyin’ it. There was a lively debate about the authenticity of the bell-less Bob James break over at my Aunt Phoebe’s favorite site SOULSTRUT but it seems that real heads can’t decide if they know the deal or not. What sayeth YOU, real schitters? Peep it for yourselves down below. To be honest the whole thing don’t smell right to me, but f**k it… IN BIZ I TRUST. Schitt sounds dope to me regardless of it’s origin. I’m bussin’ some raps to this schitt, son!

UPDATE: actually, it was that man DJ 3D who did the unleashing and the editing of the Mardi Gras sans bells on WBAI, not Jay Smooth. My bad, and thanks for the clarification, 3D.


  1. yeah, i seen that vid. Biz is too funny even when he ain’t tryna be funny! That’s Rashad “Tumblin’ Dice” Smith in the clip, one of my old record show customers back in the glory days of beatdiggin’.

  2. thinking back to that interview where he was talking about rare breaks he had ( the one where he mesioned that Donovan joint) i recon he said he had the madi gras shit for joke. but with the hype its caused he has since managed to get hold of the old multitrack and just cut out the bell mic!just a theory…… i need to see the 45 to be convincedBiz is a legend never-the -less!!1

  3. mmm I ain’t convinced. This Biz rumour has been floating around for ages, and i put it down to Biz’s sense of humour. Plus the soundclip sounds like an edited loop. The mardi-gras crowd noise you can hear in the background also seems to be looped up!!Still superdopedrums tho!! Just begging to be rhymed over! Great post as ever PMC!Kid Dyno

  4. i still have my doubts ever since i did my own panning of a regular copy that cut the bells out of one speaker.still not convinced.

  5. Cool V played that shit for me over the phone and swore up and down it was the real deal — not panned, nothing. It wasn’t nearly as long as the clip you have on the site though. Seemed like it was an open break for 8 to 12 seconds and the music was brought in. He said it was released as a 12″.I’m taking his word for it, but I’d still like to see the wax.

  6. the clip i posted is obviously an edit, they weren’t playing the actual record. everything i’ve heard about the 12″ sounds just the way you described it, anonymous…. about 4 bars with no bells, then the bells come in and from there it plays just like the OG version. My dude Paul Nice says he has actually seen the 12″ over Biz’ house, although Biz did not play it for him at that time. I’m just sayin’, though…. there are NO other copies of this schitt ANYWHERE??? You’d think with all the talk that has circulated about this mythical record over the years that somebody would’ve discovered another copy by now if it really exists. Or at least some old school dj’s could verify it’s existence… i figure back in the 70’s the early hip hop dj’s would’ve had an easier time finding it, and cats would’ve gone crazy over something like that. Never heard it on any tapes or heard any old school dj’s talking about it though.

  7. Yeah – you’d definitely think it would have surfaced SOMEWHERE. V is confident other copies are out there. I told him if he were so confident, find me one.I’m still waiting…………

  8. BTW, That was me DJ 3d who edited the the no bells version. And yes that was me spinning on The underground railroad. But thanks for the Underground Railroad shout out. hit me on

  9. We had a discussion with dj Ca$h Money 2 weeks ago and we asked him about that schitt.He said it was the truth and that Biz actually PLAYED him the record…

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