I am a big Wu head. Always have been, always will be (unlike a lot of the former zealots who dislocated their kneecaps jumping off the bandwagon once the iron flag of the Wu-Tang Clan started going limp in the late 90’s). Dudes brought a whole new steezo to the rap landscape while still upholding the basic sound of hip hop that was birthed in the BX eons ago. Gritty, grimey, gruff… ooo baby I like it raw. Yeah, some of the Wu-related efforts of later years have been uneven, but to me Wu-Tang ALWAYS had their hits and misses… even in their golden era some of that schitt that the zealots were lovin’ wasn’t 100% dopeness (case in point that first Method Man album… remember it fondly if you wish, but other than a few cuts it was pretty meh IMO). But they had so much CRAZY schitt that it more than made up for some of the less than stellar joints. Right up to this day the core members still living have been putting out some solid azz songs- maybe not whole albums that are dope from start to end, but still a LOT of good schitt. Both Masta Killa albums were surprising in their level of niceness. Of course you know Ghost has been doing his thing almost nonstop ever since the golden era. Even U-God‘s first album had a number of decent tunes. One of these days I’m gonna do a mix featuring nothing but the best of latter-day Wu music. Well… actually I’m too damn lazy to go through the trouble, but it would be cool if somebody else did it. I’d buy that schitt!
Until then, here are a few under-the-radar Wu joints from years ago-

METHOD MAN- Ice Cream Man (unreleased) RE-UPPED– I heard this one time on the radio here in Philly way back when Wu-Tang first came out… DJ Ran played it on Power 99 and I was in my car on my way to go record diggin’ in Jersey. I heard this schitt and was like whoooooaaaa! Why the f**k don’t they make car radios that can record schitt? I didn’t hear the song again until about a decade later when J-Love put it on one of his Best Of Wu-Tang mixtapes. If you’re not already up on this jam, RZA sampled Meth yelling “Ice Cream!!!!” and used it on Raekwon’s song of the same name from his “Only Built For Cuban Links” lp.

WU-TANG CLAN live RE-UPPED– I guess this is from around 1993 or 94… still early in the Wu era. At first I thought they were performing an unreleased song but I later surmised that they were just freestyling to an unreleased RZA beat. I GUESS that’s the deal, but I don’t really know. I just know that this schitt was always real hot to me.

WU-TANG CLAN- Put Your Hammer Down RE-UPPED– One of my all-time favorite Wu joints, taken straight off of one of those Funkmaster Flex albums. I rarely ever heard anybody play this back when it first came out, but IMO this is classic Wu schitt here. Everybody shines on this. And that BEAT…. ohhhh man. If anybody can place the sample, let me know what it is.



  1. Can’t thank you enough for this one! Never heard the Meth jawn, but I remember the Funk Flex shit…but on his shit it was not the full length version…..can’t go wrong with an inspired, focused Wu-Tang Clan!!!!

  2. sample for lay your hammer is gene page – blackula strikes – or at least i think so.

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