The THANKSTAKING DAY Hip Hop Lessons extravaganza last month was such a smash success that I had to give it to ya one more time. I’m just so pleased that here it is, just a few days away from 2008 and there are STILL a lot of cats, young and old, who care about the roots of Hip Hop music and want to learn or just hear more. We do this to pay homage to not only what was done in the past but also what is being done today and what will be done in the future (Hip Hop is NOT dead), and remember that there could be no now and tomorrow without yesterday. It’s a celebration, snitches!

This is an early Cold Crush tape with the brothers doing a lot of freestyling and some different routines that aren’t the same as the ones they did on almost every one of their tapes from later in the 80’s.

WHIPPER WHIP DOTA ROCK and EASY AD – freestyling live at South Bronx High School, 1980 RE-UPPED
This short clip is great to me because the mc’s are rhyming to the Norma Jean “High Society” record, which I never heard anybody rhyme to before and it sounds fr-fr-FRESH.

More def schitt from Se’ Devine The Mastermind and Just Allah The Superstar– for this show Staten Island’s Force MCs came through to bless the mic with their harmonic rap schitt. Be sure to check the callers, too… the people calling into the show were one of the best things about it IMO.

BOOGIE BOYS, BUSY BEE STARSKI & DJ AJ, 1981 RE-UPPED – The Boogie Boys, best known for their 80’s records like “Rappin’ Ain’t No Thing” and “A Fly Girl”, are a crew that you don’t hear a lot on the old live tapes (well I haven’t heard many of their tapes, anyway) but they definitely rock it well. Along with the Chief Rocker they get real busy on this one

BIZ MARKIE, BIG DADDY KANE & TJ SWANN at the Masonic Temple in Spring Valley NY, 1986 RE-UPPED
This clip has already been circulating around the ‘net so you may already have it, but if not you certainly need it. Biz & Kane do a pretty good take off on Doug E. Fresh & Slick Rick‘s routines and definitely rock the house for the jazzy young lay-tees.

LISA LEE, RAHIEM & POW WOW at an outdoor jam, 1979 (plus some FUNKY 4 as an extra bonus) RE-UPPED
It’s always great to hear Hip Hop that predates The Sugar Hill Gang‘s “Rapper’s Delight” and any other rap music on record- totally the definition of THAT REAL SCHITT. And it’s even greater to hear the queen of mc’s Lisa Lee get loose on the mic- when the female pioneers of rap are talked about her name is rarely mentioned but that’s a mistake because she was not only one of the first but also one of the nicest.

RAYVON & JOHNNY WA (and The Magnificent Seven) at Randy’s Place RE-UPPED
A lot of rappers today boast about being hustlers, but Rayvon was really doin’ it back before a lot of these current rap dudes were even born (and like most cats who really lived the life he’s quick to say that he’s not proud of any of that because those choices he made ultimately messed up his life). Both Rayvon and Johnny Wa went to prison before they had a chance to make any records or do anything big, but folks back in the days know how fly they were on the mic. You can read Rayvon’s story at my man Jayquan’s site The Foundation (required real schitt reading).

ZULU NATION 1980 RE-UPPED – This tape may not be the greatest you’ve ever heard, but it is a great example of how eclectic the musical selection of Afrika Bambaataa and his Zulu Nation dj’s was. Some of you may have seen the famous list of Bambaataa’s all time favorite records that came out in various publications back in the 80’s and said “no WAY was he actually playing some of this stuff at parties in the Bronx, was he?” Oh, yes he was! I won’t even tell you what you’re gonna hear, just bust it for yourself.

another short but so-so fresh clip with the Jazzy 5 and DJ Jazzy Jay KILLIN’ IT.

KING BOYS- live in Greenwich Connecticut, 1983 RE-UPPED
Now I’m hittin’ y’all with some of that “third unheard” schitt… the King Boys were a crew that I went to high school with back in the town I grew up in, Norwalk, Connecticut. I designed party flyers for them as well as another local crew called THG (Town Heights Gangsters) and also a crew from out of nearby White Plains NY known as the Collins Brothers. Terry Tuff what up, b!

CRASH CREW the infamous shoot out on stage RE-UPPED
Schitt gets no realer than this, homepiss. Before the Crash can even get into their show real good the shots ring out and the mics get dropped! OHHHH SNAP!

AFRIKA ISLAM- Zulu Beats show on WHBI, 1983 RE-UPPED – Another one that’s been floating around for a minute, but if you don’t already own it you need to get it now.

MC RICKY D- practicing over CHILL WILL’s crib, 1984 RE-UPPED
A small clip of a young Slick Rick kickin’ that fly schitt as only he can do it back in his Kangol Crew days.

A-ight, that’s it… hope y’all appreciate all this dope schitt (FREE dope schitt at that!). I ain’t doin’ this again until next Thanksgiving (if I ever do it again at all), so enjoy it in the name of true school preservation. PEACE OUT.


  1. Wait a minute. How did BIZ MARKIE, BIG DADDY KANE & TJ SWANN plus the entire audience get into the Masonic Temple?

  2. Best Holiday present this year. Love it. This will be in my playlist for a long time.Thanks Soulman

  3. That zulu beat show is nuts!!!Thanks for all the clips!Pro-Ski-1

  4. :OI downloaded all of these and I send you super props and a very Happy New YearThank You Soulman

  5. Dude no kidding that the Rayvon interview is required reading! That is a treasure trove of information. And the music you gave us. Damn. Thanks and happy new year.

  6. Even though you’ve heard those beats a million times over, they still do it everytime. And yes, what is that beat on the Flash tape ?? The infinite search continues……….

  7. Thanks for all of the goodies. I’ve always seen crazy lists of old school tapes for sell/trade, but have never made any effort to acquire any of them. Always seemed to be too much of a pain in the butt. With that being said, I truly appreciate the mp3’s that you’ve been posting over the last couple of months!!! I hope that we won’t have to wait until next Thanksgiving… some of this stuff is insane!

  8. ha! how dope did Fantastic make that Norma Jean 12″? That’s a lot of love and effort you threw in on the tape science soulman. Thanks!A

  9. Oh man, when “UFO” is getting cut up on that Zulu tape? That shit is eerie as fuck!Thanks again for the holiday treats, Phill. Happy New Year!

  10. I am just reading chang’s cant stop, wont stop. this is the perfect soundtrack!Thanks and all the best for 08

  11. first off i gotta thank phill most for posting this schitt because he ain’t gettin paid for it and is doing it purely for the love of the music,second, i gotta ask if anybody knows the name of the disco jam that starts at 4:44 on the zulu beats tape,thats MY SCHITT!

  12. Goddamn! I leave on vacation and leave my computer at home and look what the hell happens. I don’t even know what to say, except thank you thank you thank you! Best Xmas present this year, no doubt!!

  13. Listening to these now. Major props for sharing these classic routines and performances Phill. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  14. This was a great way to bring in the new year no money for rare vinyl purchases, this more than made up for it thanks for posting it’s been dope listening.WHIPPER WHIP DOTA ROCK and EASY AD – freestyling live at South Bronx High School, 1980This has to be my favourite what they do with the Norma Jean is on some daft punk disco loop tip 20 years early . Who is dj’ing Chase or Theodore? One thing that stands out on a lot of these jams is the dj’ing hearing all those breaks being cut up with mc’s rhyming on top the crowd in the front partying dancing moving to the choice selections imagine that PEOPLE DANCING AT A HIP HOP JAM!!! Outrageous. Excuse my disco break ignorance but what is the “Ding Ding Dong…” intro to the Fantastic 5?I’m a certified fan of this blog from know till the break of dawn…

  15. Hey Mieone…. i love that clip with Whip, Dot and AD emceeing to the Norma Jean record too, especially the part when AD comes in and the dj starts cutting the other part of the record (the DJ is Cool D, by the way… who that is i have no clue). That clip would be even better if they were saying real rhymes, though… they’re just making up stuff of the top of the head to keep the people dancing. A lot of people probably don’t know that’s how rap started out, just saying stuff to motivate the dancers and not really coming with the written rhymes. It’s always good to see the evolution, nahmean?

  16. True indeed Clyde the evolution is very apparent on these live jams , i think the made up of the top of the head rhyming works in this instance the groove appears to compensate for the lack of written lyrics and the mc’s are having fun and i imagine so was the crowd . perhaps a problem of modern day lyricists taking it all a bit to seriously and forgetting theres a crowd out there. Like the sneaks clyde!

  17. Peace PhillI just stumbled across this blog and I think I found my long-lost brother from Philly that was separated from me at birth! Check outhttp://www.classichiphopllc.comand you’ll see what I’m talking about. Keep up the good work, bro and thanks for the clips. Look for some donations in the near future.Peace.A-tone, the Hip Hop Historian

  18. I did not know you went to high school in Norwalk, peace from the elm city in CT, and peace on the posts…-DJ Emm Are

  19. thats some real nice clips. anybody remember back in philly?Grandmasters of Funk w/Kid Destroy and Kosmic Kev.(classic show @ Dancin Skates)Jazzy Jeff and Ice C @ Central HS

  20. hey dhammondb3-i have a couple of old school philly tapes that i may post up here at some point, but they’re really not all the great. i used to have much better tapes at one time, but lost them over the years. if ANYBODY out there has some classic old school Philly live tapes that they can share, trade or sell PLEASE hit me up. In the meantime I’ll try to hit up some of my boys and see what I can come up with.

  21. yep, dj emm are… “straight outta Norwalk, crazy futhamucka named Phill Most”… sometimes I really miss Connecticut, I think especially in the fall when the leaves are changing and all that. New England has a certain feel about it that I really used to like. New Haven, Bridgeport… man, Bridgeport was my spot! Father Panic, some of the other hood spots, that big mall they used to have back in the days… I remember copping the Grand Wizard Theodore 12” with the 8×10 photo in it from out of there back when it first came out. Ah, memories… like the cobwebbed corners of my feeble mind.

  22. Peace, A-TONE… thanks for reaching out and supporting THAT REAL SCHITT. We are most definitely brothers from another mother, so let’s stay in touch whenever possible. I see what you and AD have been doing, it’s a great thing and much needed. I stay pretty busy but I’m hoping at some point I’ll have the time to get involved in workshops like the ones you are putting together. KEEP THE HISTORY OF HIP HOP ALIVE AND LET THE TRUTH BE KNOWN. Peace.

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