You probably don’t believe me, but I really do like some new music. It’s true. But whether it’s new or old, it’s just got to be THAT REAL SCHITT. And real schitt is still being made today. You’ll know this every time that Jay-Z puts out a new album, because every real schitt producer from here to Myspace is gonna grip up them Hov acapulcos and align some boom bappin’-azz beats to them.
Actually, I haven’t heard all that many remix albums for Jay’s “American Gangster” lp. There probably are hundreds of them floating around out there, but I don’t pay much attention to what’s new anymore. One did catch my ear, though… the “Real Live Gangster” joint put together by K-Def (of 90’s group Real Live / Marley Marl protege fame). I heard a lot of good words spoken about this, so I checked it out- very nice indeed. Definitely better beats than the og American Gangster lp, although still not quite hardcore real schitty for my tastes (but then again, I am kinda ridiculous with my love for the rawness, so don’t go by what I say).
I’m not gonna drop the whole album, but I will give you one of my faves- K-Def’s take on “Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)”. One of the few songs on American Gangster that really didn’t need a new beat IMO (that Menehan Street Band schitt is off the meatrack, son), but K-Def gave it a whole new feel by flippin’ one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite groups, New Orleans funk legends The Meters. Check K-Def’s joint then check the Meter’s schitt too… you really can’t go wrong either way.


Ya guy Soul been heavy on the interview circuit lately… not only that but now I am officially heavy in the streets as well. My honcho DJ Sorce-1 hit me with the ill internet questionaire a couple a’ days ago, so you know I had to hit him back with the realness. You can check it out at his super fly Heavy In The Streets blog, and while you’re at it check out not only the Soulman piece but all the other installments of the “Can You Dig It?” series featuring folk like DJ Nes, Vinroc, DJ Enki, Matthew Africa, Cosmo Baker, Sloppy White and so on and so forth. One thing though, Sorce… it’s “skreets”, not “streets”. No matter, the schitt is fresh regardless.
And all you mp3 eaters who are chomping at the bit because this is my second self-serving post that features no free music, please calm your azzes down and chill the eff out. You know I’ll be bringing it real soon, so rest assured… more heat is coming.


You really need to drop whatever you’re doing and take the train over to my guy Mr. Mass’ blog right now… it’s a dope site regardless but it’s buckwhylin’ right now with a spankin’ new interview featuring some guy named Phill Most A.K.A. The Soulman. MUST READ MATERIAL is the initial call, but I’m not exactly an unbiased critic, so check it out for yourself and come to your own conclusions. Mass also drops some Bollywood heat, all kinds of mixes and remixes and videos. Ken Sport, Psycho Les, DJ Day, Jake One. And more and more and more and more and more. Are you still here reading this even though I told you to drop everything and hightail your ass over to Mass’ blog in the very first sentence??? Go. NOW. Just come back here when you’re done there and tell me how ya like me now like Kool Moe Dee.


I haven’t dropped any random rap in a minute, so let me come back with a vengeance. This is a certified under-the-radar Philly classic… I always loved this schitt ever since I first heard it back in ’88. Just some straight bugged out schitt featuring M.C. Nikke‘s deejay Rap-N-Scratch (he obviously does both) forgetting to take his meds, grabbin’ the mic and SCREAMIN’ on suckas. I love rap that has a sense of humor. Note to current rappers, be they mainstream or backpack: lighten up.

M.C. NIKKE AND DJ RAP-N-SCRATCH – Rap-N-Scratch Goes Rambo – Vocal (RE-UPPED)

M.C. NIKKE AND DJ RAP-N-SCRATCH – Rap-N-Scratch Goes Rambo – Instrumental (RE-UPPED)


I recently got a request for one of the clips from my SOULMAN “Neva Stop Diggin'” cd entitled “Smooth Shit”… so me being the benevolent Soulman that I am, I will hook you up with not only “Smooth Shit” but also the two preceeding clips on the CD, “EZ” and “Blazers”. I did this particular mix during the height of the DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist “Brainfreeze” funk 45 phenomenon, so I was REALLY going against the grain playing all these mellowed out easy listening-type records. But hey, that’s me… I can appreciate all kinds of schitt, from James Brown to James Last. I always felt that if I wasn’t playing some different stuff than what everybody else is playing then I’m not really doing my job. And this is why I could never be a real dj… I just can’t adhere to the adage “give the people what they want”. I’m just too damn selfish when it comes to music, I guess.
BTW, R.I.P. the Lancaster PA record show, where the above pic and most of the photos used in the “Neva Stop Diggin'” cd artwork were taken at. I used to come up at that spot back in the days before everybody knew about it. Caught some BIG records there for $1-$2 a pop, plus just a lot of weird small label releases. You will be missed, Lancaster PA record show.



SOULMAN – Smooth Sh*t (RE-UPPED)


We’ve been real Hip Hop-centric recently here at THAT REAL SCHITT, so I thought it would be cool to set off the two-oh-oh-ocho with a little change of pace. Somebody recently dropped a bunch of ill Youtube clips featuring covers of one of the best songs ever, “Ain’t No Sunshine”, over at my cousin Stinky’s favorite non-porn website THE STRUT. I liked most of the clips but the one that really had me from hello was the Jose Feliciano joint. If you haven’t already seen it, see it here and now. There are a lot of good versions of “Ain’t No…” out there, but in this clip from The Englebert Humperdinck show, Jose kills it pretty completely IMHO. (BTW, anybody know if Jose ever recorded a studio version of this? I need an MP3 if at all possible.)
Keeping with the “Ain’t No Sunshine” cover theme, I’m also hitting you with the version done by Atlas (shhhh!). I’ve just always loved this song, ever since I was a kid… even back then, before I even knew what it was like to miss a woman (which is probably one of the most anguishing things a man can feel- real men know the deal), that schitt was very moving to me. Bill Withers is a genius.

ATLAS – Ain’t No Sunshine (RE-UPPED)


Just happened to be perusing the latest edition of Waxpoetics magazine (the Hip Hop issue) the other day when who do I see on page 70 but none other than Phill “Soulman” Stroman! World famous hip hop journalist Chairman Mao caught me in a candid moment at one of the Roosevelt Hotel record conventions back in the 90’s- that’s me at the far left choppin’ it up with Tyrone (aka Fusion Unlimited). And that’s Baby Paul of Beatminerz‘ fame at the far right rockin’ the black hat BTW. I truly regret not doing more picture taking myself back when I was a record show regular… SO much lost history, as one may be able to surmise by looking at some of the other pics in Mao’s article. I’m gonna go out and buy 50 copies! HAPPY NEW YEAR, my people.