We’ve been real Hip Hop-centric recently here at THAT REAL SCHITT, so I thought it would be cool to set off the two-oh-oh-ocho with a little change of pace. Somebody recently dropped a bunch of ill Youtube clips featuring covers of one of the best songs ever, “Ain’t No Sunshine”, over at my cousin Stinky’s favorite non-porn website THE STRUT. I liked most of the clips but the one that really had me from hello was the Jose Feliciano joint. If you haven’t already seen it, see it here and now. There are a lot of good versions of “Ain’t No…” out there, but in this clip from The Englebert Humperdinck show, Jose kills it pretty completely IMHO. (BTW, anybody know if Jose ever recorded a studio version of this? I need an MP3 if at all possible.)
Keeping with the “Ain’t No Sunshine” cover theme, I’m also hitting you with the version done by Atlas (shhhh!). I’ve just always loved this song, ever since I was a kid… even back then, before I even knew what it was like to miss a woman (which is probably one of the most anguishing things a man can feel- real men know the deal), that schitt was very moving to me. Bill Withers is a genius.

ATLAS – Ain’t No Sunshine (RE-UPPED)



  1. i was checking out that one some weeks ago.. theres a bunch of dope live performances by Jose in Youtube.. especially all the spanish shit is awesome. I stole the Bag Full of Soul record from my parents and its been my favourite shit for long.. Its got a good shitty sound to it, i like it.Ak

  2. yes the same Aksim 🙂 You got the dope shit too ! ive been reading your blog for a while now. and thanks for posting that Soma track i produced on your blog , its all good ! feel free to drop a comment on my myspace: /aksimbeats 😉 Ak

  3. Vayaa! Jose is the man..i recommend his version of “Obsesion”, which is a classic from PR…thanks for the post! !

  4. No! Gotta keep it hip-hop and mention the Freddie Foxxx cover of this song off his first album. The guy had not one, but TWO rap love songs on his debut album… now that’s gangsta.

  5. Jose is great and great all over any thing he’s doin!Anyway, He’s never recorded a studio version of Ain’t No Sunshine but He’s pleyed it in many live performances (today concerts also!), So You can find only two recording (live) version of this song by Jose from two rare records: 1- a 1973 concert dedicated to “Martin Luther King memori” in Atlanta (with many artists), 2- a 1973 live album by Jose called “live at London Albert All”.

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