Just happened to be perusing the latest edition of Waxpoetics magazine (the Hip Hop issue) the other day when who do I see on page 70 but none other than Phill “Soulman” Stroman! World famous hip hop journalist Chairman Mao caught me in a candid moment at one of the Roosevelt Hotel record conventions back in the 90’s- that’s me at the far left choppin’ it up with Tyrone (aka Fusion Unlimited). And that’s Baby Paul of Beatminerz‘ fame at the far right rockin’ the black hat BTW. I truly regret not doing more picture taking myself back when I was a record show regular… SO much lost history, as one may be able to surmise by looking at some of the other pics in Mao’s article. I’m gonna go out and buy 50 copies! HAPPY NEW YEAR, my people.


  1. hey phil can you tell me a little about john carraro and sang woo?forgive my littleness. I saw a bunch of pics in the mag but nothing about them in the article.

  2. hey first anonymous person-sang was one of the BIG dudes at the record shows… i won’t go into his history any further than that because i don’t know if he’d want it all out there publicly. definitely big dude status though. john carraro did an earlier article in waxpo on the roosevelt show complete with more mind-numbing pics and i also interviewed him for rapsheet back in the mid 90’s… you can read that one right here- http://www.mhat.com/worldofbeats/ (voriginal world of beats, vol. 15)

  3. Ahhhhh yes, that’s a feel-good era pic there Phil. which reminds me, i got a show to go to in a couple of days, so I think i’ll bring along my hi-tech kodak disposable 27 shot camera hahahaha! maybe shoot off some quick ones with the iphone for you though. i’ll keep you posted…

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