I recently got a request for one of the clips from my SOULMAN “Neva Stop Diggin'” cd entitled “Smooth Shit”… so me being the benevolent Soulman that I am, I will hook you up with not only “Smooth Shit” but also the two preceeding clips on the CD, “EZ” and “Blazers”. I did this particular mix during the height of the DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist “Brainfreeze” funk 45 phenomenon, so I was REALLY going against the grain playing all these mellowed out easy listening-type records. But hey, that’s me… I can appreciate all kinds of schitt, from James Brown to James Last. I always felt that if I wasn’t playing some different stuff than what everybody else is playing then I’m not really doing my job. And this is why I could never be a real dj… I just can’t adhere to the adage “give the people what they want”. I’m just too damn selfish when it comes to music, I guess.
BTW, R.I.P. the Lancaster PA record show, where the above pic and most of the photos used in the “Neva Stop Diggin'” cd artwork were taken at. I used to come up at that spot back in the days before everybody knew about it. Caught some BIG records there for $1-$2 a pop, plus just a lot of weird small label releases. You will be missed, Lancaster PA record show.



SOULMAN – Smooth Sh*t (RE-UPPED)


  1. easy like…well, sunday son. thanks for rebirthin one of my lost joints Phil!

  2. oehwiestill keepin’that tape as a treasure! every now and than i put it in my walkman! thats the best tape ever!

  3. Here is my real diggin story. Today I went to the thrift store. Real easy to do. And there I found Mountain Live. First time I’ve ever seen it. I’ve been looking locally for records for a year and a half. I’m guessing everybody grabs that record every time. But there it is today. Dirty and scratchy. It’s only a dollar. I got home and placed the needle on the record and was grinning from ear to ear, soaking it up. Yessir, that, I enjoyed. I found a real record with a real classic drum sound on it. I feel like I have access to that sound now.Yeaaaah!! A Digger Kindergarten moment!!!!!!!

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