I haven’t dropped any random rap in a minute, so let me come back with a vengeance. This is a certified under-the-radar Philly classic… I always loved this schitt ever since I first heard it back in ’88. Just some straight bugged out schitt featuring M.C. Nikke‘s deejay Rap-N-Scratch (he obviously does both) forgetting to take his meds, grabbin’ the mic and SCREAMIN’ on suckas. I love rap that has a sense of humor. Note to current rappers, be they mainstream or backpack: lighten up.

M.C. NIKKE AND DJ RAP-N-SCRATCH – Rap-N-Scratch Goes Rambo – Vocal (RE-UPPED)

M.C. NIKKE AND DJ RAP-N-SCRATCH – Rap-N-Scratch Goes Rambo – Instrumental (RE-UPPED)


  1. Hey i recognise this.Cut Chemist just sampled this for a song called “The Storm”It sounds dope to hear the original though. I like that bugged out shit.

  2. I had two copies of this record!! And somehow through the years, they were gone. You are the man… I don’t care this was the shit! 1988 this came out? Damn, thanks. Much props and much love. Word!!!!!!DJ TRS – NY, NY

  3. I remember because I thought the beat was ridicolous.lady B played it a lot but it was also mixed a lot. for a D.J. Rap and Scratch kicked it. I hated on it back in the day though I called him silly and I thought they were some made up crew.Nice post!! Thank you

  4. yeah, that’s the type of joint that a lot of people WOULD hate on… technically maybe not the tightest example of rhyming you’re ever gonna hear but i just like the “WTF” factor that Rap N Scratch brought to that joint with the wildman screams. DIFFERENT. the ’88 real schitt version of “superman that ho”??? hmmmm…

  5. It Truly Is! or…Baby Neptune Grindin’ On A Rap-N-Scratch Pacifier

  6. Yo I don’t ever post, chat, email thank anybody or none of that but thank you, thank you, thank you !Yo Ive been trying to replace this joint like forever since my two got snatched years ago. Once again thanx and if you got Jewel T and Dollar Bill PLEASE hit me at

  7. i had NO idea that this group were from philly?looks like you learn something new everyday, i love the 12″ and EP, both get regular spins in the wax room.looks like i could attempt a WRECKSHOP part2 if i find out any other groups i love secretly hail from philly..

  8. they may not actually be from philly, possibly just someplace close (like the Krown Rulers were from Camden, NJ… that’s still basically Philly, knawmsayn?). i don’t remember for sure. but that’s definitely at the very least a Philly AREA record. a lot of tuff schitt came out of philly that i didn’t even like back then but i appreciate a lot more nowadays.

  9. YYOOOOOO!!!!!! me and my dude have been looking for this song for like 6 damn years! classic! i’m from jersey and i first heard this on power 99 with lady b! not too many dudes know about this! good look’!

  10. Raw dope posse on the same label were supposedly from new jersey…didn’t they.The showjazz releases were all crazy DOPE!!!!Trinidad.

  11. They definitely are from camden NJ. I know cause so am I and my brother was friends with these dudes back in the day. Shit was tight though. I loved it.

  12. he's not from philly Rap-n-scratch is from camden and ask me how i know and i'll tell you he's my dad. He still got mad skills so get his shit right is a camden nigga with a old skool swagger

  13. Gosh, I'm sorry, anonymous offspring of Rap-N-Scratch… I did not mean to desecrate the memory of your dad's rap skills by getting his schitt wrong. CAMDEN N-WORD WITH OLD SCHOOL SWAGGER. Gotcha. I won't make that mistake ever again. Hey, I like your pop's music so please don't shoot me or anything (I know how y'all Camden n-words get down).

  14. Yo the whole Album was sick it was called 4 rhymes to go and he killed all 4 rhymes on it…. I cant find the album no where if anybody has the album or know where to get Please Holla at this old hip hop HEAD

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