Ya guy Soul been heavy on the interview circuit lately… not only that but now I am officially heavy in the streets as well. My honcho DJ Sorce-1 hit me with the ill internet questionaire a couple a’ days ago, so you know I had to hit him back with the realness. You can check it out at his super fly Heavy In The Streets blog, and while you’re at it check out not only the Soulman piece but all the other installments of the “Can You Dig It?” series featuring folk like DJ Nes, Vinroc, DJ Enki, Matthew Africa, Cosmo Baker, Sloppy White and so on and so forth. One thing though, Sorce… it’s “skreets”, not “streets”. No matter, the schitt is fresh regardless.
And all you mp3 eaters who are chomping at the bit because this is my second self-serving post that features no free music, please calm your azzes down and chill the eff out. You know I’ll be bringing it real soon, so rest assured… more heat is coming.


  1. I don’t believe in midgets 🙂Seriously, that blog was a good read. Thanks for the link (even though it was on the self-promotional tip – but who’s gonna promote you if you don’t do it yourself).– Jack

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