Yo yo… been out of commission for a minute with the dreaded influenza virus, hence the lack of real schittery on the page in the last week or two. Also had a MAJOR situation with what looks like a damaged external hard drive. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a way to restore the data, but as it stands now I lost a lot of stuff. Not everything, luckily- I still have a couple of other drives with other stuff on them (the porn collection is safe, thank God). But looks like I lost a lot of my rarer music files and almost all of my art and pictures, stuff that can’t be replaced. Alas, I also had all the pics and music files earmarked for future THAT REAL SCHITT posts on that drive. Luckily I should be able to replace most of that stuff, but it’s probably gonna be slow on this site for awhile until I’m able to get back to where I was with the real schitt material. So bear with me and we’ll see how it goes from here. Back up your schitt, kiddies… I know better, but still got caught out there.

In other news, I don’t know if there are even any NFL football fans out there checking this site, but I gotta tip my Kangol to the NEW YORK GIANTS for drinking the New England Patriots’ milkshake in the Super Bowl last Sunday. Ever since week 9 of the season I’d been saying that the Patriots are beatable… very good team, but their flaws were clearly exposed by the Colts and then magnified by teams like the Eagles, Ravens and the Giants in the regular season finale. Somehow they were always able to pull games out in the end, though. So by Super Bowl Sunday I actually had conceded that these guys were gonna go 19-0. You don’t win every game all season and then lose the one that matters more than any of ’em, do you? But somehow, the Giants just BEAT those dudes down. Physically. By the 3rd quarter I’m watching the game and saying “damn, they are whuppin’ the Pats’ azzes on the line of scrimmage, offense and defense!” Whoever wins that battle in the trenches almost always wins the game in the NFL, no matter how great your skill position players are. So I’m glad to see that my basic football philosophy- great defense beats great offense- still rings true, even in this era of rules that favor offensive production. Tom Brady looks great when he has all day to throw and receivers are wide open, but when your weapons are clamped down and you’ve got a pack of wild dogs coming to kill you on every play even the great quarterbacks become mortal reeeeeal quick. Congrats to the G-men- they earned it.

Now, back to the music related schitt- all fans of Phill Most the rap dude should go check out some tracks I did with the Bankrupt Europeans production team. They’re up on their MySpace page for a short time, so peep ’em quickly before they’re gone. I’ve spoken about my boys the Bankrupt Euros before, but I really like their style- simple but interesting with a nod to the past but still a sense of the future. That’s the best I can say it, yo… just some hot Hip Hop schitt in my opinion. We bringin’ back fast rap in 2008!

There’s another new Soulman interview that needs to be checked, too… over at the site that I personally consider to be one of the best if not THE best Hip Hop sites on the ‘net, THE FOUNDATION. It honestly is a huge honor to be included on a list of interviewees that are some of the greatest pioneers in the annals of Hip Hop. Grandmaster Caz, Busy Bee, Kool Moe Dee, Kurtis Blow, Pete DJ Jones, Spoonie Gee, T La Rock, Pebblee Poo… I mean the list goes on and on. And for me to be put in that company… man, you’re talking about some of my heroes right there! I gotta give a huge shout out to my brothers Jayquan and Troy L. Smith not only for asking me to be a part of it, but more importantly for what they are doing with that site. They are getting the REAL stories from the early history of Hip Hop and making them available to the world, straight from the mouths of the people who actually made that history. And like me, they do what they do purely for the love of the music and the culture. So if you aren’t already familiar with The Foundation you need to get over there asap and emerse yourself into the many interviews with the pioneers of rap. REQUIRED REAL SCHITT READING. And by the way, no, I’m not a pioneer of Hip Hop (although I’m not much younger than those dudes)- I am a breakbeat specialist, though, so that’s what I basically talked about with Troy. Read it for yourself and let me know how ya dig it.

And before I drag myself back to my sick bed, one last thing- recently I’ve gotten a lot of requests for drops from deejays for their radio shows and / or mix cds. A lot of y’all I either haven’t responded to or haven’t gotten the drops to you. My apologies for that… it’s just that recording drops, which may seem like a prety simple request, really can be a little bit of a headache for me due to the way my equipment is set up (too much to explain, just take my word for it). I do want to hook everybody up, so what I want to do is try to record all of them at once so I won’t have to go through the trouble over and over and over and over again. So anybody out there who has hit me up for a drop in the past as well as anybody else who’d be interested, it’s open enrollment time at THAT REAL SCHITT. Just hit me at my email,, and give me the details on what you want me to say on the drop. I’ll wait for a couple of weeks or so and see how many requests I get, then I’ll go ahead and record them all at once and send them out. Cool? Cool. Thanks for your patience… it really is hard being me sometimes, so I appreciate the understanding.
More music is coming, have no fear. Hold tight and let me take my Mucinex for now… i’ll be back.


  1. Phill you are one crazy dude, one that we can appreciate for keeping it real!!I started reading that story on the foundation sometime last week when Troy gave us the nod on OSHH!! I said damn Phill is doing another interview!!That interview ws funky funky fresh and yeah Troy is doing his thang thang!!I was very impressed man just knowing the difficulty in searching for breaks is a mother. I didn’t D.J. that long but I loved the breaks and when I found stuff I was like a kid in a candy store!! Back in the day I didn’t have much money so when I got money I made it count I remeber hearing this guy Energizer Tizer from a well known North Philly group called Sex Machine tear up Cerrone so when I wanted that badly, so I would go to some neighborhood D.J.s that did have it and look at the label and cover then called around to a few record shops who didn’t have it!! I finally found it at the Sound of Germantown but as I say I didn’t have much money so I couldn’t buy the album and pay for the ride up!!Well from where I lived it was about a good 37 blocks away and I went and copped it and walked back happy with just the one copy since that is all they had, got home and played it searching for that beat. I was almost dissapointed because I couldn’t find the beat I was looking for, I thought I had brought the wrong album, then low and behold the beat came on from look for love and I was done, so I know the feeling Phill!!Crate digging is a whole new world of hip hop and you certainly have become an expert I am enjoying hearing the dedication put in for that skill!!According to your story man you are a pure unadulterated break beat genuise or hell mastermind!!Damnnnnnnnnn!!! Hope you get well!!!

  2. nothing worse than a dead drive. i dread to thing what goodies may have been lost.Damn! check your email as i have sent you a proposition

  3. Get better.And the Giants over the Patriots was a no-brainer. The Giants are in control right now, and the Locals will just have to wait through a temporary setback.The Euro is bankrupt for sure.Watch the Dollar gain interest from here to several years.And that disk drive, yo, put it in another enclosure. Those cheap circuits in the external enclosures are prone to failure. The hard drive itself is probably alright. There is a fan in the computer box but not in the external storage box. Eh? Seen. There is a greater chance the circuit board inside the external drive enclosure is made cheap and crappy. The hard drive is long lasting.

  4. Yeah, always try the drive in another machine. And long, but enjoyable interview man.

  5. As has been previously noted… That Foundation interview is quite lenghty. I feel sorry for whoever had to type it!I’mma try to finish it up before work is over

  6. Phil, I know it’s a week later but I am still catching scenes from that superbowl- the crushing sacks, the crazy helmet catch by Tyree. I told my son in my Harry Calis voice, “You’re watching history tonight, son.” I’m more of a baseball junkie but that game had me playing that funny ass Montana Sextet song “No Football No More”!

  7. a-one, my guy Troy L over there at The Foundation is a beast with the transcribing game. He’s a better man than me, ‘cuz I couldn’t do that schitt! Well, I actually did do a lot of interview transcribing back when I was at Rap Sheet, but I only typed up the parts of the interview that I wanted to use. Troy types up and uses <>everything<> as far as I can tell! Editors be damned. Makes for a lot to digest but hey, ALL the info is there. So read a lil now, read a lil later. I love it! Who needs books when you have <>THE INTERNET<>.

  8. yeah, dj arm… that super bowl was off the heezy fo sheezy. i just looked at the replay of the game on the NFL Network… man, the Pats coulda won that game soooo many times in those fatal final couple of minutes. very uncharacteristic of the Pats, they usually make the OTHER team f**k up in the end, yet this time the tables were turned like a mutha. of all times for those bums to implode… wow. WOW. i’m still gabberflasted.

  9. Troy is da besttt.. Every interview he’s ever done has been proper. Along with Robby at they’re the best interviewers in town.p.s. Phill the Eagles are gonna be a problem this year. I don’t care what they’re saying. I feel it in my bones. It’s gonna be a good year.–bbatson–

  10. bbatson, those sons of butches over at Lincoln Financial better finally get Donny McNabb the playmakers he’s been beggin’ for this offseason… until Andy and co. handle b.i. like they have at least a shred of common sense I’m not ridin’ with the Birds no mo’. For years it was “put it all on McNabb’s shoulders, he’ll save us!” Now it’s “put everything on Westbrook’s shoulders, he’ll save us!” sheeeeeeeitt… they can’t count on whuppin’ on a bunch of milkduds in the nfc east no mo’, they better assemble a team that’s built for championship level play for once. let me stop now because i could chew on this biscuit for hours… grrrrrr

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