What’s good… I’m back, at long last, doing what I do best- anointing y’alls azzes with a healthy dose of THAT REAL SCHITT. I am once again well physically… not so sure about the mentally part, but I guess some things are beyond even modern medicine. I am still dealing with external hard drive issues that are hampering my ability to bust ya schitt with extra-heavyweight blogposts, but you KNOW I can’t be stopped entirely. I may or may not recover what was lost on that drive, but I still got plenty of stuff to hit you with.

Case in point: for my comeback post, I dug through my break mix collection and came out with the full L.Dula arsenal. L.Dula… now, that’s my guy right there. Brothers from other mothers, no doubt. There are a lot of dudes putting out some damn nice mixes these days (seems like only yesterday when there was merely a few of us, relatively speaking), but for my pesos Dula is one of the nicest. He’s like me, seems like he will play ANY damn thing. Fearless with that schitt. So what if it’s not some ol’ boogaloo breakdown funky chicken schitt… if it sounds good to you, PLAY IT. EZ listening, obscure mellowed out hippy rock, jazz covers of soul songs, stuff that you can’t even really place a genre tag on- son will hit any and ALL of it.
Inspiration for this post was the latest L.Dula offering, “The Need To Calm”, a double cd killer. You know you’re really diggin’ a cd when you just can’t get it out of your head, and that’s how that joint was for me. At least six cuts on there had me constantly hitting the rewind button, man. And that’s just cd one… I haven’t even had a chance to get into the second cd yet.
So like I said, I dug through my L.Dula section and found some ill blasts from the past- “Let My Children Hear The Music”, “New Soul Gangbang”, “Cool Calm & Collected” (the promos came with a liner notes sheet and a couple of Silly CDs trading cards!), etc. I’m gonna give y’all a couple of joints Dula sent me copies of years back- “L.Dula’s Magic Record” and it’s companion disc, “Broken Window” (see the pic up above for that whole story). I give both mixes the two thumbs up and a big AYEEEE!!!!!!! (That’s an inside joke.)


  1. yo, thanks to everyone for the comments. Skeme, what’s good son! Your blog is ill, keep doin’ that. We need to trade links as well. You and Cash got anymore soul nights coming up?

  2. Anyone know what the “life is hard” track is on L. Dula’s Need to calm mix?

  3. What up, Marsellus- those are my people so I know the show is gonna be off the meathooks. There is actually a picture of me, Beatmann and Supreme hanging out I think in front of A-1 Records back in the days floating around on the 'net somewhere. I'm lookin' goofy as f**k in that pic but it is what it is. Have a good show, homie!

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