I started messing around with Photoshop to make these little pieces of crude collage artwork back when I did the j-card art for my Soulman World Of Beats Vol. 3 mixtape. From there I took it to advertisements for my Ebay auctions and eventually even made it to Myspace. Haven’t had time or the need to do any of these lately, but here are a few of them for those who may have never seen them before. Click on the pics to see them full blown. I got more, so holla if you want me to post up the rest in the future.

And for those who were interested, the open enrollment period for those drops I said I would record for DJs is officially OVER as of right now. I’m recording them today. My old school azz finally ventured into the present and got myself a Pro Tools set up, so hopefully in the future recording drops will be no biggie… unfortunately, I still got some problems getting my Pro Tools running correctly (you tellin’ me this schitt won’t run on the Leopard OS so now I gotta get the dam outdated Tiger OS to run this schitt??? DAMN I hate technology! Bring back analog). Eventually brother’s gonna work it out. I guess.


  1. Haha…yo the pics are dope. And yeah technology sucks especially when your using it for recording purposes, nothing works with leopard or with vista! 8 track tascams and adats are always the sureshot!Skeme

  2. protools…for what mane???? this means a certain pgh emcee can send you wav acapellas & you can hook ish up.

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