As you may have read in my last post, I recently decided to join the civilized world and copped a Macbook Pro and an MBox so I can start running a dedicated Pro Tools set up to record my old man raps and whatever else I may feel like messing around with. Shoulda done this a long time ago, but I really thought I’d be wasting my time and money since I couldn’t envision myself still fooling around with this music schitt at this stage in my life. Well, I’m still fooling around with it, so what the hell. Anyway, my analog azz is no expert on any of this computer stuff, so I’m just now finding out that you can’t run Pro Tools on the latest Mac OS.. you know, this Leopard schitt. So right now I’m looking at using the Boot Camp schitt to run Windows XP on my Macbook along with the Mac Leopard OS X… that way I can get the Pro Tools working on the XP operating system. Any 14k gold slum computer wizards out there who have alternate suggestions on what’s the best route to take so that I can get my Pro Tools happenin’? Let me know if ya know.

Also, other news on the computer tip- the data on that damn external hard drive of mine that went bad is officially toast. Well, actually maybe not, but the data recovery joint that just ran a diagnostics on it is saying $900 to possibly recover what was lost. Sheeeeeeeeeeeet… I don’t need that schitt THAT damn bad. I’m gonna miss a lot of that stuff, but it’s just gon’ have to be missed. Once again… I hate technology.
More music later this week if I have a minute…. I’ll do my best.


  1. what up phil? you can run Pro tools 7.3 M- powerd on it. just install as usual it may come up saying it cannot install some script … but continue with the install.when you run it it will say you need to update you Pace drivers. you can get them here turn off time machine.failing that you can use bootcamp.. which is wack!

  2. pyrex, i already have pro tools le 7.3 and an mbox… don’t really want to have to buy the m-powered version of pro tools if i don’t have to. i did the whole thing with the pace drivers when i tried to install the version of protools i have… everything worked until i tried to put in my authorization code. everything came to a screeching halt at that moment.what’s wrong with boot camp? does it not do what it’s supposed to do? and anonymous, what is it that I should be looking around for? how exactly can i use leopard? the digidesign site says it won’t work on leopard and sure enough, it’s not working. if you or anyone has any answers let me know before I try the bootcamp method tomorrow.

  3. i knew a few people who had used bootcamp and it didnt allow them to log back in to os x so they had re install everything all over again.

  4. Hey Phil,I got a Macbook (Intel) and I formatted my hard drive and put bootcamp with Windows XP and it works just fine. You do need an official version of Windows XP with “Service Pack 2” though… I can boot up in XP or Mac OS X just fine. Best of both worlds…Currently, Leopard does not work with Protools LE versions. It does now officially work with the Protools HD systems, just not with us cheap Mbox dudes. (Do you have an Mbox or Mbox 2??) They will eventually for Protools LE but we don’t know when. Here’s the digidesign link explainin. You can wait it out with Leopard until they get it working with LE… here’s a link showing compatibility operating system with protools version. It’s kinda buried in the support pages so you gotta dig a little bit… the digidesign website, it’s your only answers…Also, digidesign has their own Mac OS X (combined) updates. These are different from the Mac OS X updates from apple. So digidesign does not recommend using the apple OS automatic updates. (Always check that compatibility chart first before updating Mac OS)my sound engineer friend said “never update to a new operating system (Leopard, Vista) for at least a year because it will take at least that long until all your favorite programs will be compatible. I had a co-worker with Leopard put it on my Macbook and I didn’t think much of it cause it was free. Then I ran into the whole protools not compatible issue and had to reformat my computer and put Tiger back on again. (big headache) Luckily, the reformat with Tiger didn’t affect my bootcamp and XP formatted section. It left it alone… Leopard has some cool features but I think Tiger runs way faster, smoother, and less locking up. As far as your drive costing $900 bucks to fix. I’ve heard people costing up to $3,000 so it’s relative. One thing to keep in mind with portable hard drives. They ALL will eventually fail. That’s why you need to back up with multiple drives. I would think the time, energy, knowledge, and $$$ value of the music would be worth it since it’s history in the makin on that drive…kids 50 years from now need to know what’s on there…So I ain’t a super computer dude, (barely learned how to do all this) just a scratch monkey, vinyl junkie, who wanted to learn how to make mixtapes on protools. Trust me, your vinyl will sound lovely recorded at 24-bit, 48k Hz…. Hope this helps….Now you can give me your collection once you back it all up. Thank you!!!!Your blog makes me laugh and pretend like I’m working when I’m at work.

  5. hey kikko-thx for the knowledge dropped, it’s much appreciated. yeah, i been going over everything on that digidesign site plus checked the macrumours forum that an anonymous friend put me up on (thx anonymous friend!) PLUS i got my homie at the day gig schoolin’ me on that boot camp and tryin’ to help me get my pro tools situation situated. we were gonna try to install Tiger but there was a little trepidation about that option, so right now i think i’m gonna f*** with the boot camp and run it on XP until digidesign gets their Leopard game correct. and btw, i’m not TOTALLY analog… i been recording all my schitt on a roland digital workstation for most of the 2000s, so my schitt actually is and has already been 24 bit 48 khz (or at least 44.1 khz). my main reason for finally copping protools is so i can take any serious projects to a real studio or send them to somebody who really knows what they’re doing when it comes to final mixdowns and mastering. recording stuff on protools will just make that whole process much easier. seen?so wish me luck… looks like boot camp is what it’s gonna be for now. thx for all suggestions and words of wisdom. PEACE.<>“you can’t make a leopard change his stripes” –Emmitt Smith<>

  6. oh, and as for what was lost on that ext hd… most of the irreplacable stuff that was important to me was artwork and pictures, like flix of my kids, all the original photoshop art for my cd covers, etc. can’t ever get that stuff back. almost all of the music is replaceable, it’s just gonna be a biatch either downloading it again or recording from vinyl to mp3 again. most of my music was on a different hd, and other stuff, like all my old school live tapes, i have on CDs. so don’t worry, the history is mostly still intact and i will continue spreading the gospel of THAT REAL SCHITT. we can’t be stopped like bushwick bill with his eyeball blown out the socket.

  7. Bootcamp is wack? Inconsistent, formulaic but not wack. Oh, I’m sorry wrong forum.Listen, I am rocking Cool Edit Pro 1.1. The shit is 10 years old and there is little I can’t do with it. I’m no super dope “sit back and slap the Mac” producer but for just recording shit and mix CDs, is it necessary to have all that other shit? Best of luck with the ghost in the machine, Soulman.

  8. hey dj arm 18, can you send or take your cool edit 1.1 files to pretty much any studio or any producer on some pro level schitt for recording / mastering / mixing and have them be able to work with them no problemo? that’s why i got protools. i’m already in the digital realm, i just need to be able to work with other people and in settings other than my own cribbo without it being a hassle, ya know? if i can do that with cool edit maybe i’ll put all this mbox / macbook schitt on ebay and get busy at a bargain rate. i’m ready to go back to the portastudio and those maxell IEC type II’s (real heads know the deal)

  9. Try Data Rescue II or one of the other data recovery softwares out there. It saved my ass once, and I’m pretty sure you can run it as a demo for free to see what it can save first.Also, forget cool edit, but there are a ton of other software options out there with just as much export portability options as Protools. Hell, even Garageband can do a lot. Digital Performer, Logic, and Nuendo are the others to check out. Someone could probably hook you up.

  10. If you ever wanna run it on a PC like we do, just give us a shout if you need any advice- no idea about Macs, but we had no PT probs in 4 years, so PCs are a good option. You know where to reach us if you need any more specific adviceSnafu



  13. Pro Tools LE Leopard support is here! It’s a free download for owners of LE 7.3 – 7.4. It’s LE 7.4.2.I have not tried it yet but have found no success stories of running LE on Windows with Boot Camp, or with any other windows installation option for Mac. I am going to experiment because having a ’08 Intel Mac, where you’re limited to Leopard version of OS X. Most third-party plugins are not yet Intel or Leopard compatible. I’m not sure which is holding me up. Until compatible updates to my favorite plugins are released, Windows is my only hope.MacBook Pro w/Penryn 2.4003 Rack

  14. This may be a little off subject but I seems pretty lame that Apple’s new computers come ready to install windows but yet you can not install previous versions of Mac OS X. “Leopard only suckas!” “Thanks for buying our overpriced hardware but your SOL if you think you can do what you want with it.” “Your gonna have to wait a long time and then pay even more money for the updates.”Sincerely,Crapple Computer Inc.

  15. Logic 8 ?You could just install mac osx 10.4.11 until Digi Design get there act together. It will be cheaper to but the tiger 10.4.11 than buying boot camp & Xp.As for data recovery there are lots of programs, E.G. Data Recover 11, to do the job. They will most likely be the same as the ones a professional will use it just takes a long time to run the check and the pro's will charge by the hour. Look on apple software in disk utility section. If you search the internet you will find lots of pirated copies of that sort of stuff. (not that i condone piracy)Latest Program by KCNSrew they will have serials for data rescue 2Peace

  16. i have the same prob with protools 7 and XP (running on Bootcamp). Did you ever solve the mystery?

  17. Hello guys!
    Has anyone managed to run pro tools LE on a Windows formatted drive on a Mac Pro? I constantly get the message: “decrease/Increase H/W Buffer size” and it doesn´t matter is I stream from a external drive or internal….
    Can anyone give me a tip of what to do before I eat the f***ing shit for dinner,
    Sincerly Mr Goose

  18. Mac running mbox system is unfortunatly only a BIIIIIIIGGGGG SSSSSHHHHHHIIIIITTTTTTTT

    I love analog … not all those fuking problems…never had all those problems with others software but with the leader of digital audio YES!!!
    Digidesign please FUCK OFF !!!
    with all my hearth
    good luck with all those DAE errors

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