Look at this cover and tell me this ain’t a thing of beauty. Soon as you get a cd like this in your sweaty palms you just know it’s gonna be that dope schitt, right? And it is. My homeboys Aroe And The Soundmakers just dropped this extra decent mix cd, “The Wreckshop Vol. 1”, featuring a plethora of Philly Hip Hop sureshots from the golden era (late 80’s to early 90’s), from the classic to the rare to the practically unheard. And all them jawns is mad thorough! Stuff by folks like my peoples Robbie B & DJ Jazz, Jazzy Jeff and noted thespian The Fresh Prince, Tuff Crew, 3 Times Dope, Larry Larr, Todd 1, Schoolly School, Plush Bros, the Hilltop Hustlers dudes and even some bol named Phill Most Chill (I got three on that chumpie!). Being totally honest, I’d have to give this mix an A+ even without any Phill Most involvement. But since I’m all up on the jawn, let’s give it a A+++.
Now I know you’re looking like “dag… where the link at so I can download this???” Well, there is no download this time, gang… I know you’re not used to this, but you have to actually buy this one (it’s nice when people get paid for their hard work at least every once in a while, isn’t it?). You will get your money’s worth, though, so cop that joint. SOULMAN FIVE STAR RECOMMENDATION.

AROE AND THE SOUNDMAKERS. – THE WRECKSHOP PHILLY GOLDEN ERA VOL 1. sleeping giants records. available through www.concourserecords.com/

Okay, so this is basically an advertisement… I do that every so often. It’s a good advertisement though! Oprah rides for schitt she believes in on her show, so I do the same on my blog. Bottom line- it’s THAT REAL SCHITT, therefore it’s so necessary.


  1. Whut?!! NO vinyl?!!Fack off!!!Gimme a couple days. I’ll download it.

  2. Ohhh alright. I suppose I’ll get one sooner or later.That cover certainly is an homage to Schoolly.

  3. A nice mix that reminded me of how dope 3XDope was!! Some other cuts was the Larry Larr- Keep on yall joint that was nice, one of the shockers was the Von Love This is how it should be done track I liked that never heard it before!!!Made me kind of wish it was more of the records played but it was cool!!!

  4. yeah, olskool4real… this jawn is more of a Philly “random rap” endeavor.. meaning that it’s more about stuff from Philly from that era that wasn’t as well known, rather than just all the classics that everybody knows. Aroe and crew did a good job IMO though… mixed a lot of the under-the-radar stuff in with some of the legendary Philly Hip Hop that was bumpin’ in the streets back then. so it’s about discovering as well as celebrating the past.

  5. Yeah I remember Plush Brothers and Bizzy B who were on Bilal records at the time Bobby dance put them on a few times!!!How you like that bass boom on Down to the grissle I had to cut the damn volume down in my car for a minute on that piece Ha!Ha!Ha!I have played it a few times now and yeah discovery is a mother!!I was m.c.ing out of Philly at and before that time and hated on most of those cats being a battle rapper always kept me feeling one up!!!Another cat who’s name isn’t talked about much is A.K.R. I made it!!In fact DJ Rockinhood laid the cuts on that track and got no credit which was the norm at that time!!! and how about Philly’s Ludacris Trouble done by Miz, (That girl is fine would never give me the time of the day though)!!The Crush Nation All about money track was one of my favorites with K.D (Steady B’s first D.J.)laying the cuts!!Then there is Lonnie and Dex the Block Boys (Dex being Action Jackson one of the best m.c.’s of the early Philly days of hip hop gone unoticed 4 real!!!But this will do and I will play it some more I am certainly glad I copped this one because I don’t generally purchase stuff unless I heard it first but this is a diamond in the ruff 4 real!!!!Thanks

  6. damn, that last dude sounds like he was in the thick of things…i was listening to zeppelin and epmd and getting high at ogontz and olney. anyway…the cd is thorough, i was in a record store the other day and i asked them to price a record and they were like, “i know thats a big record cause its on THAT cd” and they pointed to the aroe joint. DOH! i did find the prelitique and sweet the other day…who th hell bought that 12 back in the day?!?! shit is crrazy

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