Since I didn’t give y’all any audio for the Philly Golden Era post, I’m gonna do y’all a solid and hit you with some Philly Hip Hop that’s even older and rarer. Thanks to my boy dhammondb3 who hollared at me in the comments, I now have a few new old school Philly live Hip Hop bangers to add to my collection (I’m pretty nice with the New York stuff but woefully deficient on the Philly side of things). I’m hittin’ you with a 1983 clip recorded at Martin Luther King High School in G-Town featuring legendary Philly DJ Cosmic Kev (young bols may know him better as “Strickly Skillz”… same dude) and an assortment of Philly emcees including local legend Parry P, who was like THE man on the Philly rap landscape back in those days. They’re jiggin’ it to, what else, the Philly old school anthem “Dance To The Drummer’s Beat” by Herman Kelly and Life. I’m gonna post some more stuff like this in the future, so if anybody out there has some of that Philadelph heat from back in the day feel free to contact me at so we can trade or I can buy, whatever’s clever. In the meantime, let’s all eat cheesesteaks and pretzels while we listen to this schitt.

Correction: this clip was originally mislabelled as being from 1981- it’s actually from 1983. I changed all the info in the post to 1983 but the MP3 itself is still gonna say 1981. So if you download and care at all about accuracy, please change the MP3 from “Cosmic Kev & Parry P @ MLK 1981” to “Cosmic Kev & Parry P @ MLK 1983“. Peace up.


  1. Oh shittttttttttttt!!!!!Yo Phil this is hot man brings back memories!! I don’t know if this is 81 though!!I think it’s about 83 are you certain that it’s 81?The cuts he is using were poular about 83 that off beat cut on Let’s Dance that Grandmaster Nell made famous!!! Well none the less I am in tears right now going back to memories finally somebody coughing up Phillies history!! This is a milestone 4 real!! Man was he killing Sing Sing!!I can’t wait for the weather to break to blast this in the car throughout Philly see if headz remember this!!! Cosmic Kev was a bad boy and Perry P was very popular but my main man was Grand Tone to me he rapped better than Perry but Perry was a better party rocker back then!!!Damn at Martin Luther King High I just drove past there a few minutes ago!!!Damn I wish it was more!!!

  2. ok, i kinda thought it was later than 1981 just by judging the type of scratching Kev was doing… didn’t really know because I wasn’t in Philly back in 1981. And also one of the emcees on that clip says something about “1980”, so I wasn’t sure. I’ll correct the post, and everybody who’s downloading the clip probably should rename the mp3 and make it ’83 instead of ’81. Thanks for setting that straight olskool4real and dhammondb3

  3. thanks for this.. i’m near philly and remember cosmic kev..wish more philly stuff could be found like cash money and jazzy jeff on lady b’s am radio show on WHAT 1340

  4. yeah, lady b’s old show on WHAT was the schitt! me and my cousin had a group called the Devastating 2 and we did a promo for WHAT back in like 1985. i’ll dig it out and post it one of these days.

  5. Yeah you’re right thing is I think she started playing those Cash Money and Jazzy Jeff joints around 84 85 when she switched to Power 99 FM. I still remember the Sporty 1430 on your AM dial kicking up the beat to make you jam a while let’s freak, let’s freak the funk the funk the funk funk let’s freak the funk the funk funk!!Yeah that be Lady B aka Wendy Clark 4real!!!

  6. Yo Phill I got some old skool Spinbad and force 5 production band joints on cassette from around that time. I pulled the tapes out and they sound like pure schitt. This is where technology comes in handy, Im gonna try to clean’em up and send them to you. Listening to it now and they screaming fuck Bobby Dance all over it.Plus I got some Hypnotic 3 (Fresh Prince, Jamie Fresh, Lord Supreme w/ DJ Groove) shit on tape as well.SkemeRock Steady Crew

  7. Now that’s gold 4 real Spinbad with Bobby B, Little E, Prince and num? Oh shit G town boys!! Gotta fix that tape my brother, I wish that was the one when he battled Jazyy Jeff the second time!!!

  8. YO Skeme… I most definitely can use that stuff, my brother… especially the Hypnotic 3 joint (been waiting to get some Fresh Prince stuff from before he started making records… can’t be much out there since i think he was only 16 when Girls Ain’t Nuthin But Trouble came out). If and when you can clean that stuff up hit me up and we can make a deal. sheeeeeeeeit, i’ll take it as-is for real for real!

  9. No doubt cousin, I’ll definitly get them joints cleaned up for you. Actually Will was around 20 when Girls came out, I know my man Groove has mad tapes from that time because he was Wills DJ way before Jeff came into the picture. But I’ll definitly get those old radio shack realistic tapes out!

  10. Funny thing is everybody thinks of Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince!! Jazzy was a freelancer before Will. I think Will popped on the scene about 85 before that Jazzy rocked with a cat named ICEE, I would love to have some of those tapes that circulated throughout the city like 84 85!Before ICEEE he rocked with Rockwell and Spicy T, there was another tape that circulated with him killing It’s Time, Funk Box, and some other cuts.That’s what always amazes me that cats think Cash Money and Jazzy Jeff were noted for the transformer well guess again before the transformer came out Jazzy had a borage of cuts the Jazzy back scatch which changed the the jiggy jiggy days 4 real,off speed scratch,and countless others!!Jazzy had tons of tapes I am very suprised we can’t find them!!!Cash on the other hand had very few and some his best exhibitions were the tapes he submitted to Lady B damn he used to tear it up I keep wondering if she still has them tapes?

  11. DAMN!!!I was just in philly twice last week on the way to one of my art shows. The lady and I wanna move to philly so bad. This did not make me want to move less….

  12. Yo,its funny how things / people pop up after you bring their names up. So Im judging this DJ battle last night in Philly and guess who was one of the judges? Spinbad! Also, I dont know if you remember that dude DJ Rockinhood, he actually battled and lets just say, he battled “butt ass naked” wtf???Skeme

  13. Are you kidding DJ Rockinghood from North Philly? That was my DJ!!Oh Shit he said he wasn’t getting down anymore a few years ago!!!If you catch up with em tell him to hollar at M.C.Destroyer he will definetly know who you are talking about!!!This is a small world news like that makes me wanna come out of retirement!!Any recordings of this jarn? Audio Video? How can we cop it? Man you got me all f***** up right now!!

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