Been about a minute since I dropped one of those lost Soulman 90’s remixes… here’s one I totally forgot about from 1996. Came across it while going through a gang of unmarked tapes the other day (I got so many of these things laying around, who knows what the hell I might stumble upon next). Not even sure if this was totally finished, but it’s just a little jazzy remix I did for the Blahzay Blahzay “Danger” track, trying to give it a totally different feel than the original version. Hey, it was the 90’s… you could get away with sampling dentist office music, just filter the bassline, chop up the drums and echo the horns, and viola… hood cred and real schitt certification is yours. Can it be that it was all so simple then? The 90’s was a distinct and important era of THAT REAL SCHITT history… can’t say I don’t miss it (like that’s a surprise coming from a guy who lives in the past like I do… lololol).

BLAHZAY BLAHZAY – Danger (Soulman Remix) RE-UPPED


  1. lol @ sampling dentist office music, don’t worry your not the only one living in the past. good schit here on this remix

  2. Ohhh shit, this is some raw mysticism! It’s on that “2am drivin down the block hittin all the green lights at the end of a good night” tip.

  3. Nice.. this actually takes me back to around the time I first ordered some Soulman tapes.. pre-blog days.. I had a pile of PF Cuttin tapes in the car at the time as well.

  4. hey sean… were those pf cuttin mixtapes? beattapes? if you still have any of those and want to trade let me know. I’m always looking for some ill REAL SCHITT from yesteryear that the masses may not have been privvy to. i remember pf came past my table at least once back when i was doing the record shows in NYC…. cool dude.

  5. yes yes, this is real dope !oh and thanks for having my daughter represent on the homepage, we got that good taste in music !nice 1Del

  6. del, you are doing a fantastic job of parenting! that’s the same way i’m doing it with my youngin’s- i make it a point to inculcate those REAL SCHITT values into them everyday. far more important than the 6 food groups or however many there are. see? i don’t even know, and neither do my kids! but they can recite every word of Kool G Rap’s “Men At Work”.

  7. Real nice man!!! We had a rmeix of Danger up a while ago on our page, and I’m mazed at how similar the vibe ios…but yours is much better and richer. Will send a cd of remixes toyou along with the party groove mix etc whenever my lazy, smoked out ass makes its way to the PO

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