What up… still slackin’ on the real schittery, I know. Been busy doing this and that… one of those this and that’s being a Phill Most Chill mixtape featuring a bunch of rare, unreleased and never before heard random rap (I’ve come to embrace the term) from as far back as 1987 to around 1995 or so (and also including a few recently recorded yet old-as-f**k-sounding joints slated for the Philly Phill Old School lp). This mix was made for my peoples from Japan over at Yo! Brother to go with the limited edition Phill Most Chill t-shirt box set that will hopefully be available in the near future…. as soon as I get word that it is officially on the market I will be sure to make it known here, so be on the lookout. Of course I can’t post the whole mix here, but below is a little snippet just so you can get a taste of what’s poppin’. I don’t think Yo! Brother will mind (but just in case they do, hurry up and download it before I have to take the link down!).
Other Phill Most news: I am about to get to work preparing a new / old Phill Most Chill 12″, some of my 1980’s schitt. I’m determined to do this right, take the masters into the studio and mix stuff correctly so that the sound is nice, get it professionally mastered, etc. Right now I’m planning on doing it similar to how my boys at DWG did the “Be Intelligent EP”- a limited pressing of 100 or so, custom PMC artwork on the sleeve, etc, pricetagged in the $100 range. But I am open for suggestions- ultimately I have to give it to the collectors the way they want it, so please give me feedback. Without you guys it can’t happen, so let me know what you think. Any DWG regulars please spread the word (I’ll probably be posting at the DWG forum about this soon too) and let me know your views, ideas, etc… all feedback is most appreciated.

PHILL MOST CHILL Rareties, Demos and Acetates Mixtape snippet RE-UPPED


  1. Dope shit, Phill! We’ve always been huge fans of your work and this is no different. DWG will definitely support this release!And definitely lace us with the link for the Yo! Brother jammy when it drops!

  2. “s>k>b said… you’re the rapper on these? you sound a lot like young LL.. i want this.”yep, i am the rapper. i was indeed a big fan of Cool James back in those days, he definitely influenced what direction i went with my rhyme style. i don’t think i was really suited for that yeallin’ schitt, though… i was way more comfortable in a conversational tone than i was raising my voice and trying to sound super-hyped up.

  3. and thanks for the support, sureshot… gonna try to live up to that DWG standard of quality, no doubt. i have a lot of stuff i want to get out, so i’m sure there will be more Phill Most / DWG collabs in the future as long as the people want it. i will most def keep you and the whole DWG community informed on what’s going down. PEACE.

  4. hats off to Mr Stroman for making this happen, was real pleased to hear more treats were coming…Phill, I have a couple of ideas for you, feel free to drop me a line if you get a mo!pzRD

  5. Yo. Always diggin’ on the blog. I reference it from time to time as I’m sure you have noticed.I wanted to share something special with you as well and hope that if you think it’s worthy, you would what you would do for any worthy content. it. Stay up and don’t hesitate to holler any time.Peace.Omer

  6. Yeah, get this on.I need definitely more of this REAL SHITT!Please, make it happen!

  7. Damn Phil you teased me brother!! All for the good though I gotta have this when you put it out!! It sounded somewhat Philliesh in the early years and yes you gave that projection like L like many of us did glad you paid homage cause many fake the funk on L!!!

  8. Very dope…..On an irrlevant note, didnt someone once add links here to old Juice cre live?? I’ve been searching for 2 hours with no luck, if anyone remembers holla!!

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