This post is like an addendum to my April 2nd “And God Bless The Blackout When It Come”
joint…. ladies and gentlemen, we have a new contender for the title of First Rap Record Ever, and it’s a Joan Baez record. Yep, it was brought to my attention by a long time archaeologist, my homie James Auburn, that Joan was actually spittin’ the hot 16’s way back in 1977 on her album “Blowin’ Away”. This was probably recorded before the first time brothers Melvin and Danny Glover ever sat up in their room in the BX writing their first rhymes that they would rock in the parks with DJ Flash and Keith Cowboy. Could this mean that a young Mele Mel was actually biting the style of Ms. Baez? As always, you be the judge, but I would think not.
As I said in the earlier post discussing the Hip Hop legitimacy of the Runaways soundtrack, there was rap before Hip Hop as we now know it, and I’m sure that Joan was inspired by that kinda stuff if anything, and there was no way she could’ve known what was about to explode in the uptown streets. Anyway, it’s interesting to hear some of this “proto-rap” and try to figure out where it fits into the whole origin of Hip Hop. I gotta give it to ol’ girl, though… Joan was kinda gettin’ busy a little bit! LOLOL



  1. woohooain’t that a dope hip hop verse or whatdamn phill you’re a man of great wisdowjoan baez you don’t wanna battle her with her pilot styletoo hot to handle

  2. Oh my god. I hope someone has alerted the Hillary campaign. This could be the break they’ve been waiting for.What about dylan’s subterranean homesick blues ten years earlier?? Johnny’s in the basement, mixing up the medicine, etc.I always knew hip-hop was invented by a couple of high whiteys.

  3. Thanks for the shout, Phill.Yeah, like I said: the imitation disco track, “ok fellas, this is a rap”, the dis to the media, calling herself “the queen”… that’s pretty hip-hop right there.

  4. Simply dope… I’ve always said… Hip Hop is what Hip Hop isn’t. In other words hip-hop came from so many places/cultures/music… and influences that now the lines are blurred… just the other day , I was watching some old cartoons (50-60s) that I bought at the 99 cent store and I kid you not those cartoons were popping and breaking -yes as in the dance. I was like WTF!So as we continue to dig the story of hip-hop, it just becomes grander. Peace to Phil and That Real Schitt.Bird. California

  5. sounds to me more like she was trying to do a take on that style of country that Charlie Daniels Band would go on to blow up with.

  6. charlie daniels??? hmmm… could be! those country music mofos was rappin’ their azzes off back in the days too. funny how influences can come from so many different directions.CHARLIES DANIELS INVENTED HIP HOP

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