This “Soulman Plays The Breaks” joint is the second act of a three-act work of art which I named “Philladelphia Beat Mission”, my final officially released Soulman CD. Some of you who never heard the entire cd still may have heard some of “…Plays The Breaks” on a sampler cd that was found in Grandslam magazine back in… uhh, what year was that? 2002 or 2003 maybe? I forget and don’t feel like looking up the info, so, yeah… one of those years. I think.
Anyway, I did this particular mix for two main reasons: one, I love breaks. Two, because I was hearing from some internet dudes who once loved breaks how they suddenly woke up one morning and no longer loved breaks. “I’m TIRED of breaks”, “beats are played out”, “i no longer get erections when I hear Power Of Zeus drums”, “take that schitt to“…. you know these type of guys (lolol). I call these dudes the “one foot inners one foot outers”. You know, like they’re down with THAT REAL SCHITT when they think it’s cool to be down, then they run like lil beeyotches away from THAT REAL SCHITT as soon as they get an inkling that it’s no longer the “in” thing to be associated with. These OFIOFO’s are not like us, oh no… they are a weaker, far more spineless variant that should NEVER be mistaken for Real Schitters. I may do a post about OFIOFO’s in the future… probably not, though. I’m bored already with typing about these people- they’re of no concern.
My thing is this: as i said before, I love breaks and I always will. Beats, breaks, drums, loops, grooves, UBB’s that I’ve heard a million times over, all that schitt. That’s Hip Hop, B (and of course I’m always gonna love Hip Hop too). It’s not only a Philladelphia Beat Mission, it’s a lifetime mission.
Btw, my apologies to any of my peoples out there who feel that I’m talking about them in this post… I probably am, but I luh ya anyway.
Btw2- don’t take me too serious with all this… taking me too serious is almost ALWAYS a mistake.

SOULMAN – Soulman Plays The Breaks (from the Philladelphia Beat Mission mix CD) RE-UPPED


  1. Loving this mix as well as all of your posts…I’m an old fan from a few years back and so great to keep up with the gems you drop. Keep it up!

  2. Well Damn!!!I love listening to breaks being cut up, it takes me back a bit , okay quite a bit when I would be by the speaker looking over at the DJ trying to figure out what he was cut up next!The thing is we had some basic sh** that always got cut up no matter what then there was those damn breaks the baddest DJ’s would throw on that seperated them form the rest and I would be like what’s that he cuttin up, later trying to decribe the beat to someone else hoping they would know!!!It was a good feel and you didn’t dissapoint I don’t know any of those breaks you were cutiin but damn it they sounded good and was on point!! You the man kid!!!

  3. Phil I feel you on what you said about people who are down and the next there not. I guess it’s like mother nature and everyone has seasons and a new beginning. But that just seperates the The Real Schitt from the Bullshit. I guess I’ll always love my grooves, latin, funk, soul and of course those breaks. Thanks for sharing a piece of you and your music. PS.. I just bought the Phillies ( Schmidt-20 ) cooperstown throwback T-shirt. In someway I know you influenced that one on me. Peace Phil.Bird.California

  4. having some trouble listening to this at work…will try later, really looking fwd to it.

  5. Phil, whats good homie??? Booman from Bmore….long time my dude…Love the mix, the breaks will never die!!!!!

  6. i feel you brother…i’m tired of hearing programmed drums that lack any sense of swing or dynamics…i will always prefer breaks over programmed drums, unless of course i’m trying to get gangster with it on some of that late 80’s 808 good…but yea man ppl forget its not all about your production skills or how well you chopped and flipped something…in the end, it’s all about the music. i have no problem looping unadulterated overused drum break like apache or impeach the president…if fits with the track, and it meshes nicely, that’s all that matters to me. those breaks never get old for me.

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