I know y’all ain’t but so interested in this blog unless i’m droppin’ some music you don’t have to pay for (I don’t blame you), but it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and I don’t know when I’ll be back into the swing of things around here, so I’m basically just stoppin’ through to say what’s good. Other than just being a little bored with the bloggery, I’ve also been busy working on my first Soulman mixtape in a looooooong azz time. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed putting these damn things together! I may have to get back into this schitt for real, even though there’s really not any money in it anymore- not that there was ever a LOT of money in it, but at least there was enough to make it feel worthwhile. Newsflash to Phill: maybe you don’t need to make money off of something for it to be worthwhile? Hmmmm…. well, okay, whateva. Anyway, this new mix jawn is in the familiar Soulman style, but with a little bit of a twist. I won’t say any more than that for fear of shark attack (i.e. fools bitin’ my steezo), but it’s gonna be some schitt. When it drops you will be the first to know. Peace until I find my way back here… maybe in a few days, maybe in a few weeks, I can’t call it.

OH, and I almost forgot… thanks to the people who’ve been taking the time to make comments and e-mail me, especially the regular commenters. I am definitely reading everything and all words are much appreciated.



  1. Yo What’s Up!!Bassed on the mixtapes you hve made and I have heard I would buy them because of the work that you put in them!! You get that listening to your tapes you know!!Don’t undercut who you are man, there are some people that appreciate your sh** man!!!It’s tough in the mixtape market now but those that know know when they’ve got something special!!!Just keep us in tuned from time to time!!! Do your thing son!!!

  2. i come here all the time for music and to read your blog. but i never leave comments. so i would like to say thanks for doing it. and to say i would buy your mixes if you stopped posting parts of them, although i am not sure if i want to encourage that because then i might not get them for free. (still hoping for more of that ‘spaced oddities’ one) also wanted to say in my opinion,for whatever its worth, sometimes i buy mixes from like turntablelab or whereever and by comparison i think your mixes are better than most the dj mixes out there. maybe thats cause most stuff is too packaged…, so i guess what i really like about yours is that randomness, or occassional oddball stuff, guess there is usually or maybe its just hard not to lose something enjoyable in making ‘official’ product because then it would probably get repetitive,? anyway, sorry for the long comment… really enjoy your blog and look forward to hearing the new one.

  3. I’m glad to hear you’re coming out with some new schitt..I don’t usually leave comments, but I wanted to let you know that I own a lot of your mixes, and I’m the guy who pushed Bodega to get in touch with you to re-release some of your older mixtapes. I look forward to hearing what you come up with. Definitely keep us posted on when it is dropping. Peace.

  4. Yo Phill,Im also a quiet lurker but i definately appreciate all the work you puttin into your blogs. We watchin’ you holmes! You have an audience even if they are quiet sometimes.. we are here!

  5. Music or not, it’s always good to hear words from the Ol’ Head.

  6. Your breaks mix has inspired my friend to make his own breaks mix…seems that he’s getting deeper and deeper into that real schitt, as am I!You’re a good man. We salute you!

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