Before the clock strikes 12 midnight here on the east coast of the US of A, I just want to give a shout to all the fathers out there who are handlin’ their B.I. and being there for their kids. Y’all all- no, WE all need to get a standing O (I’m in this elite company my damn self). Really, it shouldn’t be anything special for a dude to be a father to his child- it’s what we’re supposed to do. But unfortunately, in this back azzwards world that we live in, it has become a special thing for a man to simply do what he’s supposed to. So many times I’ve taken my kids out to a restaurant or someplace and had people (usually older people) commend me for how well behaved my son and daughter are and what a good job I’m doing. That’s great and I appreciate it, but… man, we’re talking about basic, everyday schitt that every man with youngin’s needs to be doing on a regular basis. Really, it’s not that we dads who handle their biz deserve a standing O as much as those of the deadbeat variety probably need a leg broken off in their azzes for not being around. And I understand if you got money problems or baby mama drama, whateva whateva… you still gotta just be there and be around to let those shorties know that you give at least half a f**k. Send a damn letter sometime, make a phone call… SOMETHING. ‘Cuz I’m gonna tell you right now, if you’re not there for your kids YOU are losing out, too. Maybe even more than they are. I know a few understand what I’m talkin’ about…



  1. Thank You for taking the time to aknowledge us, as I too fit that criteria you described!!Thank You very much and I wish you the same!!!

  2. yo peep the smiley face Phil! the seeds are catchin knowledge from the wickets & tall prints. keep em away from the paint for another 10 years or so.

  3. I feel the same way when people get so excited to see an involved young person. It’s not that I’m special, it’s that the intense amount of apathy that pervades our youth make people shit they pants when they see an enthusiastic individual.

  4. “Stackswell said… yo peep the smiley face Phil! the seeds are catchin knowledge from the wickets & tall prints. keep em away from the paint for another 10 years or so.”word iz bond…. that’s a distinct stylee my daughter is rockin’ there, too… it’s not just typical kiddy stick figure schitt. she has a few different styles she uses with her little cartoons. i’m gonna post some of her stuff one of these days (she’ll be happy about that, believe me). schitt getteth no realer than a dad putting his little girl’s artwork online for the whole world to peep.

  5. I’m always down for free music goodies, but I really like to read posts like this (and the post about your trip to Disney, etc.). Real life/real family schitt. Although I wasn’t feelin’ the Beats Rhymes & Life album when it came out, Q-Tip had it right when he said “Hip hop… a way of life/It doesn’t tell you how to raise a child or treat a wife”

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