Here’s another of the many things I’ve done over the years that never got released like it was supposed to (it was just in the cards for me to be an under-underground legend, alas… roffles). Back in… uh, was it 2002? 2003 maybe? DJ Sheep, help me out here, my brother! Anyway, one of those years in the early 2000’s Sanctuary Music hired me to do a short little megamix type joint using stuff from the Hot Wax / Invictus 70’s soul catalog since they owned the rights to all that stuff. So I take to it like a kid in a candy store- that Hot Wax / Invictus catalog is full of some of the best soul music of it’s era, believe me. I did my thing, and everybody’s entitled to their own opinion (except y’all hatin’ azz n**gaz), but my opinion is I dropped like it was hot, son! Unfortunately, this, like many of my club bangers, never saw the light of commercial day- probbly didn’t put enough disco blends into the mix for the people at Sanctuary to be able to understand it, who knows. Well, Sanctuary, it’s all right because I got your money anyway. And now the public can have it for free, just the way that it was intended to be. So here you go, a nice 320 kbps rip for you to put into the mix right between “Lollipop” and “In The Ayer”. I don’t think this is even the final mixdown, but it’s close enough. Share it, play it, make me famous.
P.S. – before anybody asks, no, every single thing on this mix is not Hot Wax or Invictus but almost everything is. Once again, close enough.

SOULMAN Whatever Happened To Yesterday (Hot Wax / Invictus Megamix) RE-UPPED



  1. Hey Phill, nice work as always. Can you send me a wav of that Ruth Copeland break? I forgot to rip that before selling the record. I’ll take that whining out and send it right back. sketcherone(at)gmail

  2. once again good lookin my dude git in touch wit me i some more treats for you

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