Here’s another Philly random-rap killer for y’all… been seeing this on some want lists lately, so here you go. Real hard early 90’s hip hop schitt straight out of Southwest Philly, and those who know know they do not play out there in Southwest (sheeeeeiiiit… let’s keep it 100, they don’t play hardly ANYWHERE in Philly… real talk). I sold my copy of this 12″ on Ebay a couple years ago and it went for around $120 if I remember right, which kinda shocked me since I had no idea fools were checking for stuff like this at the time. Probably would go for even more today.

2 KANNON – Keep It Goin’ (RE-UPPED)
2 KANNON – The Sequel (RE-UPPED)


  1. thx a bunch, been lookin’ for this all over. gotta love that real schitt – keep up the great work, bro!

  2. I never heard of 2 Kannon before. I’m feelin’ “The Sequel” track a lot and DL’d it. Thanks for sharing! p.s. Dude’s voice reminds me of the chick from Boss (Deeper, I Don’t Give A F…, etc.) haha!

  3. Yo, its funny that you posted this. This is actually my group, the female thats rhymin was also on Bahamida’s 3 The Hardway track. I also have been seeing this go on ebay for mad $$. I’ve got an unopened box of 12″ somewhere around the house.SkemeRock Steady Crew

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