I can’t believe I made it, but I did… 12 months of posting on this THAT REAL SCHITT blog. In this past year I’ve endured a bout of vertigo, a dead external hard drive, operating system headaches with my Macbook, a lingering case of internet ennui (which I am still suffering from), the continued death of Hip Hop and a f**ked up hip courtesy of Walt Disney, yet I’m still here. I make no promises about how far into the second year of Real Schittery we will get, but for now here we are.
To celebrate the fact that I haven’t yet said “f**k this schitt, I’m through with it”, we’re not going to do anything very special- we’ll just keep doing what we’ve been doing. Well, actually I guess it’s kinda special, as in Special K of the Treacherous 3. One of my favorite old school tapes from waaaay back was this joint with the Cold Crush Brothers and The Treacherous Three (minus Kool Moe Dee but with DLB of the Fearless Four standing in for Moe). T La Rock‘s little brother Special K really shines on this clip as he comes out from Kool Moe’s considerable shadow and takes control of things, plus LA Sunshine pretty much kills it too (I never understood why LA was sometimes referred to as a “hype man” for the Treacherous… he always totally held his own with the lyrics AND the old school swag IMHO). Hearing the Microphone Wizard DLB gettin’ down with these dudes was the icing on the cake for me.
Like I always say, you can’t listen to these clips from damn near 30 years ago and totally appreciate them without putting yourself back into that time period- this was way before Rakim, Kool G Rap, Biggie, Jay-Z, Li’l Wayne (heh heh), etc, etc. At the moment that this stuff was happening, these cats were IT. There wasn’t anything better or more advanced than this. When you heard a new tape like this one, it was a head blowing experience for us young b-boys because you’d never heard anything so dope in your life. This joint was definitely one of the ones for me.
So anyway, I hope you enjoy this present, and if you have enjoyed any of the other olden gifts I have bestowed in the past 365 days, feel free to drop me a comment and say HAPPY REAL SCHITT DAY! It’s a celebration.


Oh, and one other thing… we are finally, one year late, officially WWW.THATREALSCHITT.COM … no more “blogspot” stuck up in the url. Your old bookmarks are still good, though.



  1. Big Ups and Thanks for the dope posts, knowledge and of that real schitt. Happy Birthday, here’s to another year.

  2. Now you are on the second level. Congrats!!Thank you for all you do.

  3. !!!happy real schitt day!!! congratulations…..most blogs are just shit but I check in here for that real schitt…..check the digidesign website, I think leopard is now compatible with protools….good luck and thanks for the history lessons….peace….***kikko***

  4. Happy belated Real Schitt Day Phil.A toast to another year of great posts, knowledge and jewels, wisdom and alladat!Big Ups and Thanks!

  5. thx, one and all for the comments thus far. as always, it is much appreciated and never taken for granted.to dirty waters: i dropped the “blogspot” from my url by coughing up ten bucks (not an easy thing for a cheap bastardo such as myself to do) and buying a domain name through Google Apps (powered by Go Daddy) or some such schitt. honestly, i kinda stumbled upon how to do this- i wasn’t really even thinking about it before. but it can all be done very easily through blogger. if i get a minute i’ll retrace my steps and relay them to you, but you should be able to find out on your own if you search through blogger or whateva.to kikko: yeah, i peeped the whole scenario with pro tools and leopard… still haven’t downloaded the new version, but i’ll get that done soon so that i can FINALLY join the current millenium and start gettin’ my p-tools on.to my homeboy from around the way olskool4real: yo gang, i need some tapes of you doin’ your thing on the mic back in the days! more philly real schitt for the second year of this blog is a MUST.

  6. I’m working on a couple things now Phil, retreiving my only demo from my friend, and seeing if DJ rockinghood still has his copies of us puttin it down!!I might kill over if I get anything of our live joints!!My father can’t find his copy of the demo, and all my peeps that was down with us have moved died,caught up, in jail, or have misplaced or had their stuff stolen but I swear somebody got to have something so I’m still asking!! I would like nothing more than the world to hear how we got down back then!1Who would have thought that it would be this damn important? Thank You for your interest which has continued to spark my drive to get this most valuable part of history!!!

  7. 1 year of history in the making!keep up the good work and thanks for the drop again…still making that mixtape though..

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