Here’s a little something on the Naughty By Nature “It’s On” remixes I did for Tommy Boy back in the days… already covered on my short lived World Of Beats V.2 and Myspace blogs, but now with a little extra audio and back story-
Back in the summer of 1993, right when De La Soul‘s “Buhloone Mindstate” was about to come out, Rap Sheet magazine sent me to Tommy Boy’s offices to interview Posdnous of De La. Everything was cool, Pos was mad cool, schitt went well. Of course ya boy had to slip them a beat tape while I was up there- although I had gotten into the whole journalism side of Hip Hop by 1993, I was still trying to do my thing on the music side, too. What I did was put together about nine remixes of Naughty By Nature’s “It’s On”, which was a hit at that time. All of the remixes were pretty much just the hard hip hop type schitt that I love. But me knowing how people at record companies think and knowing that Dr. Dre‘s west coast “G-Funk” sound was killin’ everything right then, I did a tenth remix of “It’s On”… a funk version. Totally opposite of what I was into, but I just knew that this would make somebody at Tommy Boy’s ears perk up. Sure enough, I quickly got a call back saying that they loved my tape, especially the funk remix (I played these muthafuggas like a fiddle, mayne). They really wanted to use that remix, but decided that the song “It’s On” had run it’s course and had to move on to some newer music (plus they didn’t think Treach and Vinnie would like the funk sound anyway). So they gave me a new project to work on… I’ll get into that in the near future. TO BE CONTINUED.
A lot of stuff I did years ago I really can’t stand to hear today, but I’m kinda a-ight with these Naughty remixes. BTW, why does it seem like people barely remember Treach these days? For a minute there he was the chosen one… I guess so many super nice emcees started coming out of the woodworks from I guess ’93 to ’96 that Treach just got lost in the shuffle? I never understand how all this schitt works.
Like I said, I did like ten remixes of ‘It’s On”, so I’m gonna hit you with seven of ’em- why not, they’re just laying around doing nothing on my harddrive anyway, why not share them with whoever might like to check ’em out.

It’s Gonna Be On RE-UPPED
The West Coast New Phunk Mix RE-UPPED
Naughtilus Remix RE-UPPED

all 7 remixes in a RAR file


I’m usually not a bitin’ azz dude, but today I’m like f**k it… I saw some dope schitt and I’m bitin’ it. Courtesy of The Meaning Of Dope blog (so I guess technically I’m not really biting since at least I’m giving credit where it’s due)… very ill site and a friend of the room, no doubt. The homies at TMOD recently put up some rare real schitt footage featuring some of the golden age greats, and I was in such a OH SNAP! mood over it that I had to snatch the vids up and post ’em up here. So check out the flicks then head over to The Meaning Of Dope and check out all the other stuff they have to offer (they have a lot).
BTW, what is Q-Tip wearing in the live ATCQ performance vid? I want one of those… whatever it is.


When the whole break mix thing started blowing up there were a number of joints I liked a lot (i’m not even gonna try throwing names out, too damn many). But my favorites were the joints by Seattle’s beat lords The Conmen, aka Mr. Supreme (world reknowned crate king, dj and pornchick magnet) and Jake One (world reknowned producer, G-Unit affiliate and #1 Seahawks fan). All five of those Conmen mixes have made the internet blog rounds already, but if you weren’t already up on ’em here’s the third in the series, “Jealous Toys Die” (gotta love the usage of that Willie Colon “Cosa Nuestra” lp imagery… hard as f**k). And yo, BTW Jake… I might have to fly out to Qwest Field on Nov. 2 with some cheesesteaks to watch the Eagles slap fire out them Seagulls (that’s if the Eagles are even any good this year… I’m hopeful but I’m far from convinced at this point).

CONMEN – Jealous Toys Die Pt. 1 RE-UPPED
CONMEN – Jealous Toys Die Pt. 2 RE-UPPED

BONUS COVERAGE: Let’s do a little video too while we’re at it-


My guy Willie Evans Jr. is a fool for this one… a mash-up of two of the latest Hip-Hop-related disses that have been making the headlines recently, Jay-Z going at the Oasis rocker dude (what’s his name, Noah or Noel something? I forget) and Shaq O’Neal questioning his arch nemesis Kobe Bryant about whether he finds his anus delicious or not (PAUSE). So Willie takes the two already infamous Youtube clips, chops them up and makes his own remix video out of them. Didn’t I tell your azzes a long time ago that Willie Evans Jr. was the future? You gotta rock that Soulja Boy / Ice-T thing for the next one, Willie… somebody out there has probably already done it but I’m sure you could flip it better.