1. Back in the days !!! Yes same face but where the hell is his leather cap ? Thanks for this very old school moment !

  2. thanks for posting… I caught flash and biz markie in LA in 06. He rocked it .. none stop. I love it when he plays David Bowies “lets dance”, nothing but classic. The breakers are a sure shot too! Its funny how they call it a flash back to the 80’s, kind of how they label some music “old school.” I don’t see that way since I hear a break, at least once a week. 20 years later I’ll say it again“Hip Hop dont stop!”

  3. Grand Master Flash x Rock Steady Crew = Classic! When was the last time you seen a DJ and Bboy’s rockin together?!SkemeRock Steady Crew

  4. That was cool, but the guy called Flash “young man”?? Respect your elders, sonny boy.

  5. That’s actually a VERY respectful thing to say to an older person… refer to them as “young man” or “young lady”. It’s like a compliment… makes their old decrepit azzes feel like they’re still young for a brief second. Then they drift back into their senility…

  6. Great find Phill.This has made my day, even if it is on Fox. Threw up a link to it on the Stealth magazine board.

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