I’m usually not a bitin’ azz dude, but today I’m like f**k it… I saw some dope schitt and I’m bitin’ it. Courtesy of The Meaning Of Dope blog (so I guess technically I’m not really biting since at least I’m giving credit where it’s due)… very ill site and a friend of the room, no doubt. The homies at TMOD recently put up some rare real schitt footage featuring some of the golden age greats, and I was in such a OH SNAP! mood over it that I had to snatch the vids up and post ’em up here. So check out the flicks then head over to The Meaning Of Dope and check out all the other stuff they have to offer (they have a lot).
BTW, what is Q-Tip wearing in the live ATCQ performance vid? I want one of those… whatever it is.


  1. The first video to me is what I love about hip hop at its very core….You go tthe Doo Wop tapes with Keith Murray freestylin over Its MyThing??? Some good guy uploaded on the scottish hip hop forum, i should send a link if poepl wanna hear, its also got a dope Rae freestyle

  2. Yo SoulmanI have that first Tribe clip. They actually released that on a videotape of their first tour of europe. I haven't watched that in ages. (I bought my copy of the video at k-mart yeaarrs ago!) On that same performance, they open the show with ALi SHaheed doing an intro with a Dell's record and ESG “Ufo” and Q-tip and Phife perform “Push it along” over double copies of “Do the james” By Superlover Cee & Cassanova Rud. Those other clips are crazy too!

  3. the Leaders’ break up has always been one of the hardest for me. I just thought they were the schitt for real! A really versatile crew and way ahead of the ‘curve’…

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