This is another segment of the Soulman “Philladelphia Beat Mission” cd for you if you don’t already have it (I dropped the “Play The Breaks” portion of the mix awhile ago). This one, titled “Lasalle Funk Session”, was a little 25 minute set I put together for live DJ gigs back when I thought I might get into playing out (I decided not long after that playing out was not for me). I also wanted to show people that although I prefer to be all over the place with my musical selection, I definitely am able to concentrate on one style and keep a party moving with actual mixing, blends, etc if need be. Honestly, though… I hate that schitt. Well, “hate” may be too strong, but it’s hard for me to stay interested if all I’m playing or hearing is the same type of schitt over and over. I want all genres, all tempos, a plethora of musical flavors. And I like rockin’ them old school Hip Hop style, just ziggazigga-ing schitt into the mix. Regardless, I was cool with how this one came out (although I never got a chance to add some of the finishing touches on it that I had planned). I guess for the hardcore funk 45 dudes most of this stuff will not be obscure enough- nope, I didn’t go to some remote island in the Pacific ocean to find any of these records, unfortunately. As usual, I mixed in some fairly rare joints with some classic material. Long as it’s funky it’s all good IMHO. The tracklisting-

Syl Johnson – Ode To Soulman
Billy Baron & His Smoking Challengers – Communication Is Where It’s At
Brothers Of The Ghetto – Rockin’ Chair
Honeydrippers – Streakin’
Howard Wales – Huxley’s Howl
Marvin Holmes – Find Yourself
Patricia & Jimmy – Trust Your Child
Mighty Flea – Ode To Billy Joe
Explosions – Hip Drop
Masai – Across The Tracks
Kenny and the Beach Boys – Big Payback
Oscar Harris – Relax Before Doing Sex

SOULMAN – Lasalle Funk Session



  1. Peace to Oscar Harris – Relax doing sex… Funky music from the dutch flatlands

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